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🐹 Hamster Diaries 🐹
Have you ever met an owl head wearing a pine cone? I thought not. Well, now you have... a picture of one, anyway.
It had good sniffs.
Big Hands says owls live in trees, and so do pine cones. But she said hamsters wouldn't like either of those things to land on them, so hamsters should be careful under trees.
Talking of being careful, did you know that hamsters have no depth perception? I think that's because our eyesight isn't our best sense. Anyway... it means we are jumpy.
Not jittery; jumpy. We jump off stuff. Then we are surprised how far we fall, sometimes.
So Big Hands has to watch me when I'm Sofa Surfing. To prevent mishaps.
I had a mishap the other week. I was exploring the sofa with Big Hands supervising me. I kept peeping over the side of the sofa and sniffing. It smelt good. The grass is greener and all that. Big Hands kept blocking my nose with her hand to make me turn back. (It wasn't far to the floor, and wouldn't harm me, but Big Hands knows how quickly a hamster can hide and become an Escaped Hamster!) Well, one time I was too fast for Big Hands.
Over I went, and I was FREE! Free range hamster on the floor!
It was my first ever taste of escape. I was very excited. I had so many things to sniff.
I started to waddle towards the deliciously inviting darkness of under the sofa. Wiggle my whiskers, this was the most exciting thing ev...
Big Hands picked me up.
I flew back onto the sofa and my adventure was over before it had even started.
I'll have to try again another day.
It is nice having an owner that understands hamsters, but it skews things towards Big Hands. She's too clever for me in the escape department.
It is very difficult to be a hamster who has never properly escaped.
Miss Alice was the escape artist deluxe. Big Hands had a lot of trouble with her. She must have been a very enterprising hamster. She taught Big Hands a lot about escape prevention.
Hello everyone! I'm sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted! I was very busy with work and now I'm in the process of moving! I've had no time to take photos, so here is one of Otis on the day after I brought him home. I couldn't help but plop him in the fern plant for just a second. 🙈 Otis and Suki are doing very well and they both say, "Hello!" We hope to take some new photos once we move - we're right across from a fenced-in playground! 🤗 Packing up has come with lots of reminders of Wally. Going through my closet, I came across all of his photo props and his fish costume for Suki's arrival story and a hanger of all his little capes and his therapy bunny certification badge. It hurt my heart. But it also made me smile because who would ever imagine they'd have five handmade bunny capes hanging in their closet next to a coconut wearing a headband? (Remember the Nutsies story? 😆) I love and miss you very much, my Wally. 🍉
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don’t forget to eat your vegetables every bun 🥒 sound up 🎶
When I take her out in the evenings she seems more active and wants to fly waay more :) and Leo always chases her ahahha he gets his exercise in too :D

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