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User Image stamengeorgievv Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:33 AM (UTC)

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User Image shereentinkerbell Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:31 AM (UTC)

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Day 3.
I decided to slow down today, and #stretch. I took a #break & did a mini #meditation before I started.

Today was emotionally #challenging . I was not prepared for the #negative comments I was getting about my #body as well as #ignorant people telling me how I should do things.
If you are not in the same #profession as someone, please do not assume you know what it takes to do what they do.
Yes, it may seem easy, but then again working a desk job is not the same as an #active job.

I might have aches/sores a little here and there. That is normal for me. Especially when I am challenging myself to be better.

But I overcame this feeling of #sadness , #anger and #pain from the #hurtful #words that I hear.
I decided, I will just continue my #practice and let this pass.

For there are #bigger #better things I should #focus my #energy at.


Our tight hips aren’t just a result of sitting at a desk, in a car, or on the sofa while watching television, they’re also a sign of emotional stress building in the body’s largest joint. The hips are the body’s stabilizers, but they also serve as storage units that house sad memories, financial fears, relationship woes, and family issues. By taking the time each and every day to focus ample attention on the hips, you’ll release anxiety, fear, depression, and sadness.

#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #instayoga #instafitness #instahealth #splits #hanumanasana #uttanasana #hamstrings #hipopener
User Image samuel_zodiac Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:29 AM (UTC)

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Capricorn New Moon!

One of the gifts of this month is the opportunity to face your anger and transform it.
Who are you hurting when you’re angry? Yourself. Stop and feel how painful this state is. If you continue to hurt yourself with this emotion, it is because you persist in blaming others.They are merely messengers showing you what you need to learn about yourself. Listen to the message.

Injecting this consciousness will help you to direct your energy in ways that are ideal for your growth this month.

Check where Capricorn is in your Natal Chart so you can better understand where this energy will affect you.

#capricorn #love #consciousness #newmoon #anger #astrology #familyconstellations #nyc
Capricornio Luna Nueva!

Uno de los regalos de este mes es la oportunidad de enfrentar tu rabia y transformarla.
¿A quién estás lastimando cuando estás enojado? A ti mismo. Detente y siente cuán doloroso es este estado. Si continúas hiriéndote con esta emoción, es porque persistes en culpar a los demás. Ellos son meramente mensajeros que te muestran lo que necesitas saber sobre ti. Escucha el mensaje

Inyectar esta conciencia te ayudará a dirigir tu energía en formas que son ideales para tu crecimiento este mes.

Chequea donde está Capricornio en tu Carta Astral para que entiendas mejor donde te impactará esta energía.

#capricornio #lunanueva #amor #rabia #constelacionesfamiliares
User Image themovementmechanic Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:27 AM (UTC)

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A little humor to start the day! Don't take the crap that unhappy dbags post on social media to seriously! Getting to caught up in it can be detrimental to your health. Let it go and enjoy your day! Photo cred to @thompsonfatpad. #theobstacleistheway #havefun #letitgo #enjoylife #outofyourcontrol #humannature #laugh #humor #liveyourlife #dontsweatthesmallstuff #themovementmechanic #health #mentalhealth #stress #anxiety #anger
User Image ripperuru Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:25 AM (UTC)

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Seriously. "my kitten" was petty af cuz he was pretending to be a girl prolly just so girls would be more comfortable with showing him their tits! Then just to find out he was stupid enough to think that other people wouldn't figure out he was lying to my face. Okayokayokay. Met "Ashley" in august 2017. "Ashley" never stopped mentioning her amazing brother named Blake. On Halloween "Ashley" dumped me cuz "she" had moved on and I was STUPID enough to let her constantly pressure my heartbroken depressed ass Into dating the proclaimed perfect brother named blake. GUESS FUCKING WHAT. After everything! He doesn't hardly talk to me. Assumes I'm just absolutely in LOVE with his dick (WHEN I DON'T EVEN LIKE DICK I'M FUCKING GAY) and that we're this perfect dream couple. I decide to start doing some digging. ASHLEY. NEVER. EXISTED. BLAKE WAS USING GOOGLE IMAGES AND HIS EX'S FACEBOOK ACCOUNT TO CATFISH ME😡😡😡 then he got tired of being the girl who I was convinced was my soul mate and "Ash" broke my heart so blake could come in and fix me. When that didn't work he claimed he and Ash "shared an account" and pressured me into getting with him cuz I was to depressed to do anything else. Forcing me to spend almost 3 months miserable unknowingly with a catfish and I Had to lie to myself that everything was okay. *sighs* the hate is real. I feel like a Goddamn red lantern. Unfollow the disgusting catfish tagged above lovelies. #catfish #exposed #hate #Iwillkillyou #enough #exposingacatfish #anger #fury #pleasereadthis
User Image _mami_6277 Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:16 AM (UTC)

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I feel the Earth shaking under my feet
I feel the pressure building until I can't breathe
And it takes everything
And it all spills out
Reckless but honest words leave my mouth
Like kerosene on a flame of doubt
I couldn't make it right
User Image thebikeshaq Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:17 AM (UTC)

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The things we do out of an #emotion #response or #anger seem to be the things #people #remember the most no matter how much #good you’ve done
User Image leila.amar Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:09 AM (UTC)

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The most clever and beautifully made film about #anger A set of brilliant actors, with a massive Well Done to lady #francesmcdormand who literally owns the part. Run watch this film NOW!!! #cinema #film #movies #hollywood #anger #acting #woodyharrelson #martinmcdonagh @samrockwellofficial @peterdinklageofficial
User Image aworkingprogresss Posted: Jan 16, 2018 11:02 AM (UTC)

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Woke up mad early today considering I’m on a lot of sedative meds and I went to bed early hours of the morning! Struggling with my head last few days, I’m angry with a situation and I wanna beat shit outta one dick head so I’m banned from being at my mums for the time being until something is more sorted out. I’m angry with someone else who dared wish Baby J a peaceful anniversary of his death on the 14th jan .... apart from that my b/p’ing has been out of control which makes me feel all sorts of diff emotions. My hand is eating itself and rotting my flesh so today I go on steroids until I’m healed ... scary bcz I know steroids can cause weight gain and I’m already a lump of fat!! Other than that my babies are all snuggled up with me being lazy little B’s but it’s keeping me “neutral” 💕💕💕 xoxo
User Image i_world_of_thoughts Posted: Jan 16, 2018 10:47 AM (UTC)
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One Resolution I have made and
Try always to keep, is this:
'To Rise above little things..!'❤
There are even small incidents which leave a great impact on us..!
There is no compulsion that to be big, we need to have learn from big incidents..!
We all go through each day, mention
What you learnt today?
And if you found, that you haven't learnt anything..till yet.?
Please, Start observing..!
Observe that going around..
Observe how you wasted all the time?
Observe the most than to react..!

Remember : You can be what you always wanted to be..! Just Start Learning..!♥
I didn't mean to learn chapters.. learn from your surroundings, mistakes, parents, other's mistakes, nature, from everything to everywhere..!♥
Tag someone you want to be motivated Today..!
P.s. : Anyone interested in collabs..
Always welcomed..!♥
#Love #Trust #Hurt #Hate #Fight #Anger #Cry #Fear #Alone #Love #Live #Experience #Motivate #Learn #Be_You #Believe #Better #Inspire #Inspiration #Smile #Happy #Explore #You #Live #Love #Be #One #Best #Friend #Life

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