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Lmfao ignore my ugly multi colored hair and weird side bun (got some ugly burgundy from the purple so it’s making my hair look orange in some places and green left over from the navy) I might just dye it back to brown, no idea yet, I might try a darker purple or red. Anyways... Jesus, I just wasn’t having it, I was such a douche to my family tonight
Andy with a dog is my aesthetic.
Also, if I don't deactivate should I keep posting andy and bvb photos or should i start a theme with lyrics and stuff?
Hit paste in the comments;
My teacher caught me vaping on Lagrange road. I'm fucking dead.
^true story kids 😂👏🏼
Just got home from #AmericanSatan. Nice imagery, good tunes but a little flighty. @andyblack is 100% talented and a total fox! Undoubtedly, he stole the show and will hopefully get booked for more acting roles in the future. Totally impressed with his performance, the plot not so much. 7/10 -💀 KB
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