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User Image badforlyfe Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:55 AM (UTC)

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Some scientists these days believe, in one way or another,the #Theory of alternative #Dimensions and/or the #Multiverse theory. An alternate dimension could also possibly be a form of multiverses (there being identical versions of our universe but with some slight or drastic changes). I do love to imagine if something is real (in this case alternate dimensions/multiverses) and how it would look. For some people an example of our reality slipping in with another, is déjà vu. How can you sometimes feel like you've been some where even though you know you haven't? Maybe you are some how receiving a memory from the alternative you who was already there.
A good example I heard about and love to think about if it's real is the mysterious man from taured. In July of '54 a man arrives at Tokyo airport. Nothing seems out of place, until the customs agent looks at his passport and drivers license. The man stated he's on a business trip. They ask "where are you from" and he casually answered he was from taured and he has been to Japan many times, his passport proved it. They brought out a map and asked him to point taured out. He pointed where the country of #Andorra is. Baffled at his country not being there, he tells them taured has existed for 1000 years! And the man had legal currency from multiple nations including japan. they place him in a hotel, lock up his belongings in the security room. Guards were stationed outside his room 24/7 for 2 days. When they open the door to question him, he was gone, along with his belongings and his paperwork that was locked in security also disappearing.
Now this is NOT proof of anything, but just imagining if it is even 1/2 of a fraction,of another fraction % true gives me chills. I love learning of #Mysterious stuff like this😃
#Funfacts #Edutainment #Universe #StrangeUniverse #TwilightZone #Creepy #NatGeo #AlternateHistory #UrbanLegends #MysteriousUniverse
User Image mayathedestroyer Posted: Dec 16, 2017 1:18 AM (UTC)

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User Image aamanda_galvao Posted: Dec 16, 2017 12:28 AM (UTC)
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será ella la Frozen ? 🤔🙋🏼‍♀️❄️☁️💎 #andorra
User Image inmmita Posted: Dec 15, 2017 11:58 PM (UTC)

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User Image issbeth Posted: Dec 15, 2017 11:39 PM (UTC)

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User Image yamalypr Posted: Dec 15, 2017 11:39 PM (UTC)
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Thank you My friend / Espero que haya sido una buena semana para ti también. Feliz Cumpleaños #birthday #week #semana en #andorra #lets do ir #one more #time

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