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🎬 Bojack Horseman (TV Series)
-Network: Netflix
-IMDb: 8.4
🎭 " Well, BoJack, surely, even you would agree that the troops are heroes. "
🎨Created by: @american_cynic

Via @posteraholic

A #transformationtuesday from 3 years ago! This was me as @amysedaris Jerri Blank from 2005 and Mother Gothel from @disney “Tangled” at the 2nd Villian Show!
Gotta start practicing my beat for the Villians show on the 30th! I haven’t done drag since the show last year! 😱
Totally completely bombed my homework last night but cupcakes for co-worker's new babe turned out well. Amy Sedaris's vanilla cupcakes with raspberry buttercream 💕#amysedaris #raspberry #librababy
been a long time since I've read a hilarious laugh out loud play. STRONGLY recommend!!!
thinking about staging my own performance of #thebookofliz in nashville to raise money for PR relief. @amysedaris, i would be open to letting you skip the audition process if you’d want to come down. here’s hoping that science will preserve your and your brother’s brains to be studied so that future generations may come to understand the subtle and twisted genius that is the sedaris siblings. #amysedaris #davidsedaris #thetalentfamily
Thank you MTA, now I know there is avery good reason to watch TRU tv. It's a basic cable miracle. Nothing sounds better than spending time with Amy.