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Full train to Charleston already bumping at 7am. What will 2pm bring?! #amtraklive #saveamtrak 157/#365feministselfie
adalgut 130w ago
After years living in NYC - I finally get to ride the @Amtrak with @jsimonyc as my tour guide. #AmtrakLIVE

#NYC > #Boston
by @glassduffle "#AmtrakLIVE video is YouTubeified and linked to from our profile. Share it with your friends if it makes you want to ride a train! #Amtrak" via @InstaReposts
Heading outwest aboard @Amtrak SunsetLimited somewhere in Arizona. #Amtrakgram
zcdodge 172w ago
Its been one year since I totally changed my career path and life as I know it and think these tickets can attest to that. From #AmtrakLIVE to living in Mexico it has been quite the trip and cannot imagine what the next year has in store.
kylehance 173w ago
One last train to take me home and of course I ran I to another friend. Nice catching up with you, Sean!
kylehance 173w ago
This has been a trip full of themes. One of those themes is Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts everywhere.

Miles is off on his second @amtrak ride. This time it's Boston-New York.
Check out for more #AmtrakLIVE video! Coming up next: dining on Amtrak. -ew 🍻