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•• "imperfection comes with practice, give up on perfection" ••
•• Something new in the old ••
The faraway digger and the subtle custard sky.
Cling to what is good. Hope you all have a blessed weekend!
Sometimes, even in the middle of the city, you can find a moment of peace. (Shot with 6x6, edited with Snapseed, Noir, ImageBlender, Superimpose, VSCO Cam, Filterstorm and TouchRetouch)
Boys on the run #summerdays


taken by me
Shot with : iPhone4s native
Apps : #camera+ #photoshopexpress #vscocam *ْ MWJP*ْ will continue to expand unique and high quality mobile photography style from JAPAN.
#mw_jp @mw_jp
Me - "Can I take a picture of you guys holding hands?" Noah - can we face different directions?" so thankful for these two and their semi-willingness to play with me.
For us city people, one of the great things about going to the fair is getting up close to the animals. I had just framed up this shot of this beautiful horse, when a young woman reached in to stroke its nose. It was a sweet moment where each of them briefly enjoyed the other's company. Minnesota State Fair Series, No. 5 (Shot with 6x6, edited with Filterstorm, TouchRetouch, ImageBlender and AfterFocus)
'Come Arlea,' said the Lion 'There is a whole new world waiting for you.' And the magical journey began.... #Arleas_adventures part one

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