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User Image au_sgrhos Posted: Oct 24, 2017 11:36 AM
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Thank you to everyone who came out to our Fall 2017 Informational! We hope you had a great time like we did! 💛💙🐩 #sigmagammarho #sgrho #americanu #americanuniversity #aueagles #ebonyeagles
Thank you @gabunion for sharing your story and inspiring all of us to use our voices for change! I thought I was a fan before but after reading your book, I'm an absolute fan girl! S/o to @realkatrinak for sneaking mom and I into the press reception ❤️#GabwithGab #americanuniversity #missamericadc #starstruck
MEXICO CITY, 8 March 2017 -- Matt Cipollone is my teaching assistant at American University. He's also associate producer and director of photography of "Freelancers: The Open Road." Matt used his HDSLR, which shoots 4K resolution, for this project. We used his shotgun, or directional microphone, on his camera, plus two small Zoom recorders with lavaliere microphones, to capture sound from me and from any of the film's characters we happened to be following at the time. I wanted to be as invisible as possible, as we were working in some pretty sketchy areas where one doesn't want to draw a lot of attention. Our system worked extremely well. We got excellent sound all the way through the project without making a lot of fuss. Photo by Bill Gentile. #americanuniversity #mexicocity #freelancer
User Image 504twenty Posted: Oct 24, 2017 5:39 AM
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Don't hesitate. Educate Medicate. If I'm up studying you're up studying. 🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓🎓 #dc420 #dcweed #georgetown #howarduniversity #americanuniversity #georgewashingtonuniversity #studysesh #420 #dccannabiscommunity #dc
‼️‼️Excuse me, did you add us yet? No? 👎 If you don’t go to our link in our bio, already... We post the updates to your program, so make sure you add us to your daily scroll! 🔹🔹🔹🔹🔹
#AmericanU #AmericanUniversity #GradCouncil #GradStudentCouncil #InternationalRelations #InternationalStudies
#ForeignPolicy #Masters #GradStudent #MAIR #MIS #SocialEnterprise #College #SISAlum #AUAlumni #USRelations #AUIR #AUIROnline
User Image lasheyedentity Posted: Oct 24, 2017 1:12 AM
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Watch out DC! With these gorgeous brown eyes, this lashed beauty is homecoming ready - lashes - the perfect accessory #dentitydoll
Lengths: 10-16
Curl: B, D
DM for pricing!
⚠️ F - Friendly Feedback ⚠️ Yep! Sure we can see the improvement of our work over time but, feedback ... - Feedback is the real breakfast of champions. Looking back at our mistakes or success helps us to improve our craft whatever it may be. So hooray to for fact that in the world of lash extensions ( & everything else ) failure is really feedback in the best of ways. Being able to give and receive meaningful feedback is an essential part of communication! Put on your positivity ears & take your next piece of feedback with the sincerest “Thank you”. Let’s take steps towards improvement! 👣💅🏾💕🏄🏾‍♀️💎
User Image sis.gsc Posted: Oct 24, 2017 12:38 AM
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sis.gsc 11h ago
🗣🗣Are you looking to get involved? Well, come on by, we were looking for you! Email VP Kristina Biyad, with a resume, brief statement of interest, and your availability for Fall ’17 / Spring ’18 semester. We’d love to have you!
#AmericanU #AmericanUniversity #GradCouncil #GradStudentCouncil #InternationalRelations #InternationalStudies
#ForeignPolicy #Masters #GradStudent #MAIR #MIS #SocialEnterprise #College #SISAlum #AUAlumni #SISGSC
User Image lasheyedentity Posted: Oct 24, 2017 12:23 AM
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Here’s a little before - during - & after snapshot for ya. What a great time for a #lashnap 💅🏾 #dentitydoll
Lengths: 10-16
Curl: B, D
DM for pricing! 💓💎🏄🏾‍♀️
メトロの駅!ニューヨークに行ってから気づいたことなんだけど、DCのメトロの駅はきれい。ニューヨークのサブウェイの駅はなんだか臭うし、ネズミが走ってるのみたのも一回や二回じゃないし、比べ物にならないくらい汚れてた! DCのメトロ自体が新しいのかよくわからないけど清潔なのはいいですね。このアーチみたいな天井がどことなく御堂筋線に似てる気がする…大阪の人か関西の人誰か共感してくれる人いませんか😂
⚠️ Extensions = Enhancements ⚠️ Eyelash extensions are just that - extensions. By adhering one lash (or fan) per each natural lash, lash stylists give you the ability to enhance your look. Applying strips or mascara before work or a big event can be a hassle - especially when life isn’t cooperating with your steady hand. So yes - eyelash extensions are a HUGE time saver. But remember just like makeup they’re here to enhance the natural beauty we already have. With that, ensure that you take care of your skin and your lashes! - wash off make up before bed, clean your natural lashes daily, etc. With or without extensions, without or without makeup, you are absolutely beautiful. 💅🏾💕🏄🏾‍♀️💎
Look how pretty! Days are long but , they’re even better with longer lashes. Loved working on this beauty #dentitydoll 💓
Lengths: 10-16
Curl: B, D
DM for pricing!
SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! Supporting the man @dyro at @soundcheckdc this Thursday! DM me for Guestlist Info, Ticket Info etc #GLOWEEN #soundcheckdc #soundcheck #washingtondc
Что: презентация «Образование в США»📚 От @atlasedukharkiv  и  Ассоциации Американских Университетов.

На презентации Вы узнаете о: ✅ специфике образования в США ✅ программах обучения ✅ языковых курсах и каникулах в США ✅ а также, что необходимо для поступления в американский ВУЗ

УНИКАЛЬНАЯ ВОЗМОЖНОСТЬ💡: пройди первый этап отборочного тура на получение стипендии прямо на презентации!💱 🏫Где: конференц-зал отеля «Харьков», пл. Свободы, 7
⌚Когда: среда, 25 октября, 18.30 🔥Вход на презентацию БЕСПЛАТНЫЙ по предварительной регистрации на сайте:

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