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User Image letiziaturchett Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:57 PM (UTC)

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User Image laurwritten Posted: Feb 9, 2018 5:20 AM (UTC)

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Tonight: @jroddywalston covering @tompettyofficial at @930club which marks the first time I haven’t cried listening to #americangirl since 10/02/17
#livemusic #classicrock #tompetty #coversong
User Image 1298aimi Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:55 PM (UTC)

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🥀sae kikuchi🥀birthday girl
User Image stephhagensart Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:51 PM (UTC)
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So American Girl just released photos of the New Molly! I never share work stuff, but this was the first big project I worked on when starting here, and I am so happy with her new look! To recreate an iconic toy (she was one of the 3 originals from 1986 and is almost as old as I am) was daunting, but I had so much fun diving into her world of 1944! (Molly circa 1986 on the left, Molly circa 2018 on the right). #mollymcintire #americangirl #historicalcharacter #historygirl #1944 #toydesigner #newandimproved #dreamjob
User Image insta_legs_2015 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:50 PM (UTC)

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User Image irish.seadollies Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:49 PM (UTC)

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Just thought I’d post some #nonagphotography for my last post of today! I took this last summer ☀️ I hope everyone enjoyed today’s spam! Have a good Tuesday 💗 #agig #americangirl #dolls #americangirlbrand #photography #thegreatoutdoors #dowhatyoulove
User Image christagrace94 Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:49 PM (UTC)

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Brazil Trip Day 9: Back to Sao Paulo we go
I have been trying to prevent and fight getting sick, but at this stage in my Brazilian adventure, the progressing Rio Carnival hangover is taking over. Now its going to be a road trip to recovery. Lucky for me, at our next destination we are staying with Maris BF and his roommates who are all doctors🤧😅👌#howconvenient
On top of being sick I also had some interesting Brazilian experiences like getting nails done for crazy cheap, getting a brazilian wax☠️(tip: don't do it when your sick, and take a hot shower before...The pain is no joke😳), after that we had an amazing traditional Brazilian lunch with beef, salad, garlic rice, and my new favorite, Manjuca(a root from a tree, native to Brazil)❤️. #brazil #brazilianlunch #brazilianfood #foodporn #foodie #travelblogger #travelbrazil #americangirl

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