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Hanging with the Chrum family this weekend! Had a great time with Larry and his family for his birthday! They brought me around eastern Kansas to show me some sites like the Santa Fe Trail Monument and the Evel Knievel Museum attached to the Topeka Harley Davidson dealership! Thank you guys for a great time and hooking me up with some Colorado contacts! #americandiscoverytrail #kansas #evelknievel #santafetrail #bluetickpitbullmix
Congrats to Adrian Neal on her first place finish at the American Discovery Trail Half Marathon last week! @adrian.neal230
#adtmarathon #americandiscoverytrail #coloradosprings #runcos #victory
American Discovery Trail on its way west out of Ohio in Hueston Woods along Lake Acton. Always great to step on a long national scenic trail even if for a short hike. #americandiscoverytrail
Saying goodbye to MIssouri and hello to Kansas today! Picked up my new pair of shoes from the post office donated again by Pacers and Racers in New Albany, IN! Can't thank you guys enough! These shoes will walk me past my 2,000 mile mark in less than two weeks! Also, here's a statue of Abraham Lincoln and his son Tad. Did you know he had a son named Tad? Did you know he had a son? I didn't lol #americandiscoverytrail #kansas #pacersandracers #mizuno #abrahamlincoln #tad #walkacrossamerica
Day: 362
That's right, Monday the 11th I will be taking my final steps across the country and stepping into the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco!

As of Sacramento, CA, I have 71 miles left to the Ferry in Vallejo, where I will be riding across the bay into San Fran, and have only 10 miles remaining in my walk from coast to coast at that point.

I don't expect there to be a huge shindig for my completion, but anyone in the SF area is free to join me on the last stretch come Monday.
Also on a side note, I am officially a Triple Crown SECTION HIKER!
AT ✅
ADT? ✅
Super stoked about this past year and can't wait to be done.

Progressive Miles Walked: 3,820 (+366)
Total Miles Walked: 4,186
Miles remaining: 81

#drgtrek #walkingacrossamerica #walkingamerica #coasttocoast #hiking #PCT #california #sacramento #sanfrancisco #4000miles #transcontinental #americandiscoverytrail #takethatfirststep
Today was race day for me! Look at this tried and true posse of cheerleading kin! The American Discovery Trail Marathon is small in terms of entries and big on memorable panoramas. The sun, effected by the fires in the west, arose hot pink--Essie nail color pink, fuchsia glow stick pink. Smokey mist settled like a vail over the dales as runners crunched dirt under their shoes. Wild sunflowers 🌻 grow without restraint on either side of the trail, and for many miles they were the only faces I saw. For a time I ran beside a man who had a sandy-colored waxed handle-bar mustache, lemon yellow shorts, no shirt, a Jack Dempsey build, and those crazy toe running shoes that single out each individual toe, swaddling each one in rubber (if you run 🏃🏻 in those, let me know what you think.💭). His look will be remembered. I didn't bring that kind of memorable style to the course! But I did bring a renewed respect for the event. The marathon is no patty cakes game. It's a distance that can't be covered without pain and exhaustion. Even if you are fit and prepared: the distance demands respect. I am mentally so happy right now! Physically, well....Let's just hope my children obey me the rest of the day, because if they don't, I won't be able to do a snatch-up and redirect move that is so useful on other days. I'm toast. #marathon
This marathon taught me a ton!
1.) you can run 26.2 miles with a strained adductor.
2.) you can take 3 weeks off prior to the race for said adductor and still run 26.2 miles and PR.
3.) a sea urchin can run at altitude (no one said it had to be graceful).
4.) if you don't eat sugar in normal life, you can consume honey gels as you run and hold it till the porta john at the finish line.
5.) goals are like sails and can be adjusted to suit less than ideal circumstances.
Thanks, #adtmarathon for a great run and awesome experience! #labordayweekend #labordayrun #marathonmonday #onward #whensthenextone #running #trailrunning #runningcommunity #runner #texasrunner #runalways #inspiringwomanrunners #marathon #marathontraining #marathonrunner #igrunners #runnersofinstagram #instarunners #womensrunningcommunity #womensrunning #womenwhorun #optoutside #getoutside #runforfun #americandiscoverytrail #coloradosprings #coloradorunning
Just met Zach "The Altar Boy" Freeman, a fighter of Bellator MMA who just stopped by The Katy Trail in Rocheport for a run! Nice to meet you brotha! Good luck on your next fight! #americandiscoverytrail #zachfreeman #bellatormma #rocheport #katytrail
My past 24 hours have involved a mans caboose and me sleeping in it, an entire field of sunflowers and yet another thru-hiker headed cross country! Nice to meet you Ben! #americandiscoverytrail #katytrail #caboose #sunflower #thruhike

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