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Meatpacking District | New York, NY
Then God said, “Behold I have given you every plant yielding seed that is not the surface of all the earth, and every tree which has fruit yielding seed; It shall be good for you - Genesis 1:29. 📸: @urban_taino #takeitbacksunday #visüalvibes #thrive #vintagetrend
I’ve been thinking a lot about community, girl power, and my own good luck. I moved to LA in February and left a really wonderful boyfriend and home environment to follow my dreams out here. I feel like I’ve been trying to replace that relationship since moving... feeling fixated and rigid in my desire for a certain kind of romantic relationship, and sacrificing time and attention towards amazing friends and girl gangs and creative endeavors for it. I was lucky enough to move to this city and immediately set up an amazing network of friends and creators through @insideacting, @beverlyhillsplayhouse, @thehpalliance, and friends like @curtmega @itskimwhalen @kaytraparkman @ericcarrollphoto @shivtacular @_jessicanew_ @stephstuart @iamrhym @alexrhc @alice.wylde @courtney_rosebirk @ashtagswaggg and @orangetheoryla. It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on what ISN’T working, what was sacrificed, and holding onto the past, when I could be fully invested in the abundant present. So I am going to do that. If I tagged you in this, thank you for being such a wonderful friend and helping me settle into this strange new place. I love you, I appreciate you, I’m finally ready to invest myself into the here and now. // This photo is a bit of a #throwback to the 4th of July in Culver City with the total badass babe @thejenlevin. // #friends #bffs #culvercity #losangeles #vintagestyle #blonde #brunette #selfie #americanapparel
💅🏼SHAMELESS PLUG🌹 Just listed some more stuff on Depop. Got some vintage finds and new pieces. Shit is 🔥🔥🔥 Find my store by searching under people: “PeopleOfMars”
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cue @benpyegbr 's stupid comment about another Switzerland pic
Sundays are for the girls and facemasks 💆🏽💅🏽
Disco pants สไตล์ American apparel sz S
💗ผ้าเก็บทรงมากค่ะ ไม่มีเนื้อแล่บแน่นอน😂
💗มือสอง ไม่มีตำหนิ

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Bought this jumpsuit in 2015 first outing today ALWAYS buy EVERYTHING never through away ANYTHING 🛒#todayiamwearing #jumpsuit #abba #americanapparel #fashion #outfit
Black Thigh High Boots ♥ €35,00 here on @stardust.apparel ✨ don't forget to use the special instagram discount code! Enter INSTA10 in your order to receive a 10% off discount ♥

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