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Klass Nutrition® Athlete @paigeyforeverfit is ALWAYS putting that work in! She's a certified trainer, motivator, and over all AMAZING person! ☺️ .

Every morning, afternoon, and night you'll see Paige is posting info, sharing Insta-stories, and helping others! From training in the gyms, to online training, she does it all .

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Please do not hesitate to send us a direct message if you need any help! An NASM-CPT will be at your service to help ! 💎
Touch and Go bench press 315lbsx2 weighing 164.8lbs for 2-5RM testing today. I messed up by doing 305lbs before this because I originally planned to stop there for 4 reps. I feel like if I would've gone straight to the 315lbs I could of had a solid 3 and MAYBE a grindy 4th rep. You don't progress on "what ifs" though. Live and learn! Thanks to @beastmodejones for the spot and not grabbing it on the 2nd rep lol.
With anything you set forth to do, my best advice: Have fun.
When you're having fun with what you're doing, you do it with your full-fledged effort, your full passion, and with full excitement. Guess what? That yields results. Period. So word of advice, have fun 😉
Spent the last 48 hours straight creating, filming, and editing one of my best videos yet. Entertaining, extremely informative and helpful, all while being extremely simple and easy to understand. I guarantee it will help change lives out there for the better 👌🏼 so if you want to learn exactly how to build muscle, check out my latest video on my YouTube channel, link in my bio 👉🏼 @diabetic.aesthetics would greatly appreciate it if you could like and share the video as well if you enjoyed it. Worked my ass off on it! Much love everyone ❤️💯
Just a quick video for my #wcw because she’s been stressing out a lot about school. I hope this makes you feel better. I love you lady ❤️ @ayocedes
I’m not very good at this whole “bulking thing” I’m afraid to lose the abs!
Interview with @spencerwebbhoffman from last weekend’s inbf_battleofthebay. Spencer took 3rd in the overall men’s bodybuilding division, and will be taking on a whole new group of competitors this Saturday at the @inbaglobal_official Halloween Havoc competition in Davis, CA. You can check out the full interview, along with many others, on the West Coast Muscle official YouTube channel. Good luck Spencer! 💪🏼

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