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User Image kathysharvest Posted: Jan 23, 2018 4:13 AM (UTC)

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Making this for my hubby tonight. We had the best bean side dish at #ablaslebaneserestaurant in Carlton some years ago (love that restaurant ) but have never been able to replicate it. This is as close as I can get. Garlic, little chicken stock, passata and of course beans. It cooks on low for a long time (until beans are very soft)
User Image gardening_loversz Posted: Jan 23, 2018 4:03 AM (UTC)

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The world's oldest single tree is in California and is 5066 years old. It's a species of bristlecone pine, Pinus longaeva, and its exact location is kept secret. This is a similar tree.
Please follow me: @gardening_loversz
Via: @gardeningaustralia
User Image pandasprouts Posted: Jan 23, 2018 2:14 AM (UTC)
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Figs! Figs everywhere 🙌🏻
User Image Posted: Jan 23, 2018 1:58 AM (UTC)

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These hollyhocks are crazy. The snow has melted off of them, and it seems like they were actually growing under there. They blew in from somewhere over the end of summer. I better make sure I dig them out this spring, because they are looking like they could become a long term problem if I ignored them and let them seed all over the garden.
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User Image calikim29 Posted: Jan 23, 2018 12:31 AM (UTC)

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Nasturtiums 🌿🌺are coming to life - lots and lots of them! Did you know they leaves and the flowers are edible? 🌿🌺🌿🌺
User Image kathysharvest Posted: Jan 23, 2018 12:03 AM (UTC)

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Pumpkin harvest today. It had shocking sooty mould so decided it had to go as my next lot of zucchini / squash plants are about to flower so don’t want the mould spreading. Anyway, we got 2 pumpkins this year (better than nothing) next year will grow a clumping variety as took over the back yard 😜 We have had a very productive morning in the garden, did some pruning and weeding and harvesting. So many cucumbers 🥒 will have to swap/trade/share I think 🤔 😊 PM me if interested.
User Image kathysharvest Posted: Jan 23, 2018 12:04 AM (UTC)

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User Image homegrown_homemade Posted: Jan 22, 2018 11:40 PM (UTC)

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Last year I made some easy raised beds out of pallets I bought for £1 each! Biscuit the dog lended a helping hand 🐶
#raisedbeds #palletdiy #pallets #vegetablegarden #allotment #growyourown #budgetgardening
User Image instarfarms Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:38 PM (UTC)

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👩🏻‍🌾Every Client is most interested in growing tomatoes 🍅 It must be known that at least in our neck of the woods (NOLA), tomatoes are actually quite difficult to grow. If it’s your first time growing them, I recommend Cherry Tomatoes. Otherwise, here’s some tips:

In general, make sure to give your plants enough space. The more space they have, the better air flow in between plants and consequently, less room for diseases to spread. This also allows your fruit to grow larger to their full potential 👌🏼

Tomatoes love Calcium and Magnesium, so make sure your soil is equipped. Lack of these nutrients can result in Blossom Bottom Rot.

Lastly, avoid watering the foliage and instead, use a drip system. Tomatoes like consistent, deep water 💦 ✨
📷 @howlingfoxheirloomtomatoes
#tomatoes #harvest #vegetablegarden
User Image mehgz92 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:33 PM (UTC)

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🌿✨Fresh limes from the garden 🍋😋 #citrus #tahitianlime #lime #fruittree
User Image mortsy88 Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:31 PM (UTC)

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Oca harvest ❤️😁 These buried treasures have similar uses as potatoes, of which both originating from South America. Harvest a few weeks after the first frost to ensure all energy from the plant goes into the tubers. Can't wait to bake with some chives and cheese! #allotment #oca #incas #gardening #organicfood #edibletubers #harvest #tubers #tubercrops #horticulture #growsomething
User Image tribeunsubscribe Posted: Jan 22, 2018 10:12 PM (UTC)
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Our greenhouse didn’t survive the storm last week ☹️ Never mind, it was free, and we raised seedlings in there and grew hundreds of tomatoes 🍅 chillies 🌶 cucumbers 🥒 melons 🍈 🍉 and even a pineapple 🍍! January is almost over and spring is almost in sight so we have bought a small poly tunnel to replace it, hopefully it will be less susceptible to wind damage and if it does blow away one day it doesn’t matter as it didn’t cost too much! #unschooling #allotment #allotmentgarden #allotmentlife #allotmentlove #kidsgardening #kidsgarden #vegetables #veggarden #vegetablegarden #permaculture #permaculturegarden #permaculturelife #greenhouse #greenhousegrown #stormdamage #winddamage #polytunnel #kidscangarden #springiscoming #gardening #gardeninglife #growyourown #organicgardening #organicgarden #organicgrown

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