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I remember sneezing all day during the Autumn and it was horrible. Check out the link in my profile !
Did you know doing fall yard cleanup can aggravate people with mold allergies? Kick allergies to the curb. Check the link in our bio.
If you're lucky enough not to have pet allergies, you have no idea how good you've got it! Pet dander is one of the leading types of allergies and it's not fun! Who here has allergies but has a pet anyway?

Comment “I love my furbaby!”
Thankfully, pollen isn't a huge issue like last year. But sneezing all day is unacceptable. Learn with me at the link in my profle!
Stay at home club thanks to a lovely bronchitis 😷 Rereading Art Spiegelmans masterpiece 'Maus' 🐭
Don't be afraid of ragweed if you have fall allergies. Get to know more about this allergic pollen and see if it's around your area. Link in my profile!
There's a box of tissues in every room, two in my room, and these in daddy's stockpile. Still not certain there will be enough for this allergy battle I'm waging and at this point, losing! #allergiesarekillingme #howmanytimescanisneeze #mynoseisgoingtofalloff
Being sick is never very fun for anyone but having someone by your side to watch over you can make all the difference. Layla is my first dog and while I've understood the bonds people can have with thier pets I've never actually seen out first hand before her. Since Friday she has been the most loving and caring protective creature I could ask for. I love this girl and can't imagine life without her. #adoptdontshop #pittbullsofinstagram #allergiesarekillingme
A picture to prove that it was layering weather in KC at least one day. #sweaterweater #fall #allergiesarekillingme
Don't sleep on Lancaster! They've got some awesome places to get your grub and drink on. #foodie #beersnob #AllergiesAreKillingMe
I JUST woke up!! At 11 AM 😂
You could say these past few days were aweeesomeee! I could sleep all day
#doyouthinkshemissedme #lazysunday #allergiesarekillingme
Don’t mind the clock, it doesn’t matter what time it is today, this is where you’ll find me!😴🤧😴 #sundaysarefornaps #allergiesarekillingme #stillthankful
Important question here... allergy advice? 🌻 Allergies came out of nowhere for me about a year ago and I am willing to try about anything to help them, but am avoiding daily Claritin/Flonase/etc. I am trying acupuncture, essential oils and a food cleanse at the moment but it's always changing. If anyone has advice that doesn't involve being a raw vegan that never leaves the house, that would be great... Also, if you come to @strawberryswingkc at @kcwineco this weekend and I'm a bit off my game, I blame it on the food cleanse.
I was not feeling it today, I think my makeup looks fine though 🎉✌🏻 #motd #allergiesarekillingme #die #bunbuns

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