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Logan Made and Approved... Adding your fruits and veggies to your Day is so simple even a 4 year old can do it!! #detox #fruitsandveggies #green #superfoods #alkalize #balance
My friend Monique went back and forth about sharing these pics because she's not where she wants to be, but surely not where she use to be!💚😝👌its such a wonderful feeling to see people get results with our products and seeing how it truly changes their lives...physically, mentally, and even financially. Be it fat, skinny, bald, wrinkle, stretch marks, loose skin, cellulite, lack of energy and focus, stress....there's a product that assists everyone in their problem areas!😍 If you're interested in doing a product testimonial challenge at my price, message me!
Mineralized water is the way nature intends water to be – water that has completed a whole hydrological cycle, and is at the point in that cycle in which scientists like Viktor Schauberger considered it to be “at peak ripeness.” While modern filtration systems may be effective in filtering and cleansing water, they do not discriminate between a healthy mineral and an unhealthy contaminate, so the water is stripped of the bad and the good, essentially making it “empty.” While Aquae A.M.O.R.E. is thoroughly cleansed through the reverse-osmosis purification process (yes, it is ultra-pure before we start the rejuvenation process which we call Aquae A.M.O.R.E.), it is supplemented with a healthy, broad-spectrum array of 72 ocean & plant derived trace & ultra-trace minerals and electrolytes in a naturally occuring relative ratio, that makes for a more nourishing and wholesome, super-hydrating “wetter” water, and a water that is closest to that ‘peak ripeness’ nature intended. @thewaterbrewery #mineralization #viktorschauberger #hydration #love #health #vibrantliving #vortex #spiral #alkalize #mineralize #oxygenate #restructure #energize #amore #costamesa #newportbeach #hunigtonbeach #orangecounty
Adding green veggies and green juice to your everyday keeps cold, viruses, bacteria and diseases away. I make sure my kids eat some type of veggies everyday or have green juice. As growing children they need more nutrients in their bodies to help bone strength, muscle strength, brain health, immunity and feed their cells real food nutrients. There are so many ways to prepare veggies so kids do enjoy and appreciate them! Shout out to @globalhealingcenter my favorite supplement and detox company that not only provide excellent products but are always knowledgeable and on a mission to spread their love for health everyday💚💚 For more info on their amazing products click the link in my bio #WeeklyWellness #ghc #gogreen #loveyourbody #kids #kidsneedrealfoods #foodismedicine #greenjuice #alkalize #diseasefree #greenandfitmama #naturalhealing #greenrocks
This is my FAV pre kinda workout and always gives me that extra 👊🏼 boom without the crazy feeling 🙄
•Boost Metabolic Rate
• Curbing Appetite
• Increases Energy
• Thermogenic Weight Loss Formula to help burn 278 calories PER TABLET
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Ready to take your business to the next dimension? How about 6-figures in the next 90 DAYS?!?
Press the link in my bio to see how! Follow @gojpwithcorey for more!

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DRINK YO GREENS. 🌱 People are so willing to spend $5-10 daily on coffee ☕️, fast food 🍔 and vending machine diets but hesitate to spend a dime on their health!!! 🤔
For $1 a DAY, you can alkalize, detoxify and balance your body! On top of that, you're getting natural energy, 8+ servings of fruits 🍌🍓🍏 AND veggies 🥕🥑🍅 and 58+ superfoods 💪🏼 on a daily basis with our GREENS 🌿They are the perfect way to supplement your diet for great nutrition + everyday detox 🙌🏻 Private Message 💌 OR text "DETOX" 🍃 to 647-884-6598
One of my favorite products I use is the greens on go! I do not enjoy measuring and scooping things. The greens help detox, alkalize, and balance you. It's one of my secrets to staying healthy all year round!
🌿 #ItworksGreens 🌿 gives you everything your body needs 💚 8+ servings of fruits and veggies 🍎🍒🍋🍅🍆🍇🍈🍓 as well as 38 super foods for energy & more💚

I drink mine everyday! Does your body need to #Detoxify and #Balance ? Could you use more energy? Do you want a healthier immune system?

Message me for more info!
#detox #dailydetox #berry #fruits #vegetables #balance #alkalize #tuesday #energy
So I was standing in the grocery line and I got to thinking... I wonder how much I spend specifically on fruits 🍑and veggies🌽 a month

By my calculations these pictured
below = $25.88
The onions and garlic will last a bit but everything else will be gone quickly so let's just say rough estimate easy math for a family of 2 who don't eat a lot of fruits and veggies (because we have an alternative) $100 a month 😳
Now if we had kids or if we ate more fruits and veggies I'm sure that would multiply significantly but for a lot of families that isn't a possibility $300 ish a month for a family of 4/5 that's a lot! 💰💰💰 Soo ✨CHALLENGE STARTING NOW ✨

I've decided that this weeks product tester challenge will be with our GREENS!
Our greens are PACKED with the essential fruits and veggies you and your family need to be the healthiest version of you! So if you could use the greens to supplement some of the 8 servings a day would you?? And for only $33 a month!!! I'm looking for those who want- •to be able to get their necessary nutrients •to balance their body •to alkalize their body •to supply fruits and veggies to their family at minimal cost •to create a healthier body for themselves to combat against cold and flu season

And above all else
To participate in a 90 days challenge using any of the 3 flavors of greens!
How the Challenge works? 🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏻
Each product tester will take before, 30 day, 60 day and 90 day after pictures or testimony and then there will be a vote for who's are the best! Whoever the "best" before and after pictures are aka best weight loss, best written or verbal testimony etc will be the comp winner!!! Who's ready??
Did we mention how much we love when our guests repost our yummy food! Thank you @lovageinc for making our delicious PAD THAI BOWL look even tastier. 💚 💚 💚
#padthai #noodles #juicebar #lakewood #dallas #texas
Feeling a little sluggish right now😴 Time to pop out some mid-day Greens!💚😋 52 herbs and superfoods plus 34 fruits and veggies in ONE serving...I’ll take it🙌🏽🌿🍓🍏 #nishawraps #fruitsandveggies #greens #energyboost #detox #alkalize #balance #healthylifestyle
Who said you can’t have chocolate milk EVERYDAY!? Before my bug runs off to karate 🥋 and then t-ball ⚾️ he gets a little boost from his greens 🌱. He thinks it’s just his favorite chocolate milk, but it’s SO much more! It’s 8+ servings of fruits & veggies 🍏🥕, balance his pH levels, alkalize his body, boost his immune system, AND gives him natural energy to still do his homework when he gets home 📝🏡 this is definitely a major go to for this busy boy💚 #yourgreensgirl
All your fruits and veggies in one and I got you if you needs packets on the go!
Greens has 34 fruits and veggies, matcha tea, soy Free, vegan and it has given me tons of energy, detoxes and alkalizes my body and helps tremendously with bloating. But don't take it from me only, DM me and I'll send you a testimonial video! #greenswiththeteam #detox #alkalize #matchagreentea #nursingmoms #diabetes #healthandwellness
Someone please give me sushi. I will love you forever and ever. Amen.🙏🏽
I think one of the reasons I crave sushi is for the NORI❤️
Anybody else LOVE SEAWEED?
I love starting my day by drinking this super-drink concoction. 🤗 Here's the magic combo:
1. Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar -->
2. Fresh squeezed lemon juice!
3. Garden of Life Raw Organic Perfect Food Green Superfood (Apple flavor): This stuff is THE BEST! I don't know if there's a healthier, higher-quality, & more nutrient-dense greens powder than this stuff right here. (I like the Apple-flavored one, because it covers up some of the "green" flavor, and it tastes great with the fresh lemon & apple cider vinegar!) -->
4. Pure Filtered Water (about 8-16 oz. usually)
5. Mason Jar -- optional... (but let's be real -- everything tastes better out of a mason jar! 😉)
This health elixir is AWESOME for detoxifying, alkalizing, & energizing your body on a daily basis!! Love getting loads of greens, antioxidants, probiotics, & health-boosting nutrients before I'm even fully awake for the day! ☺️ .
#health #wellness #healthtonic #healthelixir #detox #alkalize #energize #probiotics #greens #greenspowder #greenjuice #healthylife #happylife #lifewithdrchristi

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