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EDIT: Repost bc I found out the square app I use was causing a delay so I have to change my theme :((
What's up guess who's back
I got a new laptop and quit the school play so I really have no excuse to not do more edits now
Here's an edit I'm actually happy with y ikes
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song: emerge from smoke by shlohmo
Hellooo!!!! Let's start this CastWednesday with a photo of Aidan Turner. In this photo Aidan must be very young! I would like so much to see him dancing!!!!! P. S. Am I the only one that thinks that Aidan in this photo looks a little bit like Michael Jackson??? Tell me in the comments!!! #poldark #castwednesday #aidanturner #dancingaidan #dance
“The first animated feature made entirely of painted images, the Polish-British production enlisted dozens of artists, and each of its 65,000 shimmering frames is a high-resolution photograph of an oil painting. Every image is based on Van Gogh’s work, with the actors — who include Saoirse Ronan and Helen McCrory — portraying people who sat for him. One of them, Armand Roulin, is the story’s agnostic investigator, dispatched from Arles by his postmaster father to deliver the last letter Van Gogh wrote. The life-changing journey unfolds… as a series of conversations between Armand and people who knew Van Gogh during his final weeks. Their conflicting accounts are often overly psychological attempts to explain him. Beyond explanation is the art itself. Animating Van Gogh’s bold impasto, already kinetic on the canvas, could have been merely superfluous. As moving pictures, though, the brushstrokes have an unexpected pull in this deeply felt homage.”
–Sheri Linden, @latimes.

@lovingvincentmovie opens Friday! Tickets at
I've been rewatching City Of Bones lately if you haven't guessed I wish we at least got a second movie because it wasn't so bad could have been a lot better. .
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