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Found this in my cloud #throwback2014 still best concert I've ever been to, didnt get many pics since I was getting my ass kicked in the pit front stage and lost my phone like 3 times. One of the best days of my life ! #breakdownthewallstour with #askingalexandria We came as Romans, crown the empire, August burns red. #takemeback #clubzoopittsburgh #chickinthepit #moshpits #aa #benbrucetho #tourbus #afuckinga #worththebruises #mostfunivehadbymyself #concerts #concertsmakemefeelalive #pittsburgh #comebacktopittsburgh #askingalexandriaconcert
e.a.b.i 12h ago
Everyone has a chapter they don't read out loud
ignore that the bottom one is quite messy n the fact that the hearts are all differently shaped — BUT i did my first tattoos myself with my gun and last needle😬😂💓
the top left heart is for my nanny and grandads that died, the heart on the right is for my old best friend and her mum that died in a house fire when i was 5 and the tiny heart is for the 2 puppies (tiny and dotty) that Bow lost in her litter last year😞💓
throw back to that hellish art gcse exam🙄😂
really feel like watching the whole of stranger things season 1 from the beginning again in preperation for season 2👻❤️

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