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What should've take 15 mins top took two hours, and Neriah's first vet call (and hopefully only one). Fed Neriah her the last meal of the day and was bringing Asa in for the night when I noticed Neriah was not eating, but down in her stall. Didn't take long to realize she was choking. Sometimes I can help them work up or down whatever feed might have lodged, but this was bad. Knowing my normal horse vet lives a couple hours away, I called my local vet for my dogs and cats. Once he heard what she was doing, he said, "I'll be right there" and quickly hung up. Neriah was so scared. I prayed over her and texted friends to pray. My good friend, Kathy, even came by to help. Thanks! Dr. K tubed her and said no feed or hay tonight. Poor, hungry girl! He also said to soak all feedings from here on out until we get her teeth done. I'm happy to report that she's up, breathing normally, and trying to find any scraping of peanut hay leaves she can find in her stall. Thank you, Lord, my girl is ok, and continue to heal her on this long road to wellness. #rescuemare #crabbetarabian #neriah #nomorehungerydays #aftertonight #prayforherrecovery
Listen to this! @justinnozuka last Thursday 🤘🏻 wait for the break down! The whole band was just jamming. I really love live music and supporting performing arts is like supporting myself indirectly😌nice day w/ my bro @_nicllas

#justinnozuka #aftertonight #rockstarshit #concertseason #nochtspeicher
Last Night was absolutely magical. I’ve been listening to Justin’s music since I was 14 so it’s been about ten years now and having the possibility to see him live and to see all the passion and love he is putting into his music is so far beyond beautiful, that words couldn’t even describe. I mean I was speechless and I cannot wait for Justin and his band to come back to Germany. I wish I could have said that yesterday but I was so overwhelmed -
I couldn’t even speak. Hahaha Much love!
#justinnozuka #allineed #2017 #jungleclub #music #live #love #aftertonight #instamusic
🌟Makeup done by meh🌟 ~"There's something in your eyes...
You long for something more, darlin'....follow me and you will never have to wish again...I know that after tonight you don't have to look up at the stars no no no no"~
#justinnozuka #aftertonight #feelingmyself

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