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“Oh sweet adventure, please last forever and keep my heart wild too.” -AVA
The future is foggy + the past fades from mind, but if you knew that you would get what you truly desired in your heart of hearts, would it allow you to enjoy today more? The present is the only thing that is real so treasure every heartache + painful revelation b/c that’s how you know you’re alive. .
Feeling really introspective in anticipation of tomorrow’s blog post ☁️ .
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I had this big story typed out about my current flying situation (like why am I even doing it)... but then accidentally deleted it all. So tune in tomorrow when I go through and redo all that✌️ // just a couple thoughts I wanted to share, nothing big // Cheers everyone
La despedida fue dura... Adios CDMX es tiempo de regresar a casita!
Day 727 - 3 miles. This is Molly - my new running buddy for the next few days while I help out a friend. Betchya Jean-Pierre would be so jealous if he knew. Molly the dog might be small, but can pull like a team of oxen and she made me and run faster and faster, until my stomach got upset walked back to the office. 😂😭
I’m spending tonight watching AHS and working on my Halloween costume! What are you going to be for Halloween?? 🎃

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