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Mom trying to take a good picture while I squiggle and squirm! I smiled but what about you mom?! Way to ruin it! 🙃 #girlswithbullies #girlswithpitbulls
Con papá esperando que mamá salga de votar!!! (Miro para otro lado porque me gusta hacerme el interesante, salgo potro siempre) #adoptanocompres #perrofachero #caninelove #can #adoptdontshop #adoptdogs #adoptdontbuy #murcielagoconpatas #mestizo #puroamor #amorperruno
The HEART of gold at the end of the rainbow!! ❤💛💚💙💜
*Beauty is available for adoption through
This is Olive, and she’s here to tell you a very important message! SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS! Olive was rescued by the SPCA as a stray and also gave birth to at least one litter of kittens before she was spayed at the SPCA. There are 700,000 animals born everyday in the U.S, 6-8 million animals are booked into shelters every year, and 3-4 million animals are killed every year due to lack of homes, which amounts to one animal every 11 seconds dying in a shelter. We have a job as people who love animals to stop killing them. Spaying and neutering your animals (especially cats) is wildly important, and something that I’ve become passionate about. Keeping your cats intact can often cause testicular and ovarian cancer, which will happen more likely than not, and will only add to the overpopulation of animals already in the world, as well as causing more tension between them and other cats, spraying, heat cycles, and basically everything horrible you could easily avoid. There are many programs easily assessable, like SNAP, that can assist in costs of altering animals if you are financially unable to, and there are plenty of resources on the Internet to explain the importance of spaying and neutering your pet. Just do it. #spayandneuter #spay #neuter #spayandneuteryourpets #spayandneuteryourfuckingpets #adopt #adoptdontshop
Hi, I’m Jess and this is a drawing of what I wish I looked like. I’m currently 3 mpp and tired of looking the way that I do. I love my precious boy, but my body not so much. I exclusively pump breast milk for my LO so have been afraid to lose the weight and lose the little milk I have. I am considered a “Just Enougher” - making exactly what my baby drinks every 3 hours - if I’m lucky. I am challenging myself to bounce back to become the girl I once thought was fat 😂. Let’s do this! #weightlossjourney #breastfeeding #exclusivelypumping #justenough #babyboy #premie #postpartumbody #motivated #exercise #t25 #21dayfix #adoptdontshop #fitness #nutrition #nogymnoproblem #selfesteem #courage #youcandoit
In honor of Pit Bull Awareness Month, Meet Joey "The Coach"
A three-year-old Pit Bull Terrier mix who helps his play yard pupils socialize, build confidence and alleviate tension. He is a scholar and a gentleman looking for a family to call his own.
For availability, please contact Fort Worth Animal Care & Control (FWACC)
ID: 35692541
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Momma has been really busy all weekend so I just sleep~💤
momma: @wolfwomanwildfire 📲
poppa: @cwhcwhcwhcwhcwh 📷

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