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It’s #humpday which can only mean a new instalment if #dogbore
Meet @tiggington and @baby_blue_and_sorrel_too 🐕🐕
How did you meet your canine companion?
I found Blue on my daily daydreaming sessions - searching through rescue websites. I wasn't even really thinking to get a dog quite yet. and there he was, my perfect dog. He looked like a very worried baby seal (that impression turned out to be a very accurate representation of him) and I was in love with him before I even realised he wasn't in the UK.
Looking back, it does seem a bit mad to adopt a dog you haven't had the chance to meet but I got very lucky. A year later Blue and I were in Andalucia for a month and I wanted to get a Podenco, their prospects are so poor there, the rescue centres are full of them. I let Blue choose Sorrel. we met many dogs in two big rescue centres. with Sorrel there seemed to be a natural easiness between them. For my part I thought she was beautiful and broken and I wanted to fix her. Even trying to get her out of the enclosure for B to meet her was hard, it took me 15 minutes to corner her and I had to carry her out, she was terrified. Then they sniffed each other and he just booped her head with his paw. I thought 'yep, this one'.
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#declandog 🐕
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One of the hardest parts of being a dog photographer is that my sweet little friends never stay with us long enough, and this year has been especially tough in that regard. Sweet Violet, you will be forever missed sweet girl... you brought so much happiness and spunk to the world. Visit @violet_pug today to send her mama some love. 💛💛
Photo by @realhappydogs

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