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When you step into a sacred place, you must have things in order at the door before you enter. If you throw your shoes all over the place, you are not being sufficiently aware--you are not respecting the place that you are about to enter.
Therefore, if you throw your shoes around at the door to My Domain, I will simply Say to you, "Shoes are not in order. You cannot come in here. No way--your shoes are not in order." To have your shoes in order is a requirement. In other words, you must be aware not only of what you do once you are in My Domain, but also of what you do to get through the door.
It is not even imaginable that a person could step directly out of the "world" into My Divine Domain. Even the sacred domain of the Divine Avataric Holy Institution of Global Adidam Ruchiradam and the Divine Avataric Cooperative Forum of Transnational Adidam Ruchiradam cannot be entered without dealing with yourself and demonstrating the impulse to transcend the "world". Therefore, you must put your shoes in order even to enter the sacred domain.
Think of the "world" (and all the doings within it) taking place in a gigantic room, a temple enshrining the pattern that requires every individual to transcend egoity (in the context of seeking, and desiring attachments, and patternings relative to the "world").
I do not Call My devotees to leave the "world" and to come directly from the "world" into My Divine Domain. Rather, I Call you to put your shoes in order first, before you enter My Divine Domain. The reason you put your shoes in order is that you are going to leave them behind. 
Adi Da Samraj © 2000 ASA
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