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ADHD. This is it. Noisy mornings. Banter. Uncontrollable movements. A weird type of “excitement.” Energy. Lotttts of energy. Being told legit 15 times to do something...everything- sit down. Quiet down. Brush your teeth. Sit as still as you can. Put your shoes on. Quit picking. Eat your breakfast. Wash your face. Come in here.
It’s a lot. For us, but certainly him. There’s lots of sighs. Lots of sweat. (Me. 😂). Exhaustion.

Then there’s medicine. Suppressed appetite. Middle of the night snack attacks. Restless sleep at times.

It’s just a little challenge. So many people...KIDS...are dealing with so much more. But it’s OUR challenge. We don’t focus on it. Instead we work through it and handle it moment by moment, day by day. God is good! The medicine helps Grayson so much and we trust he will outgrow it in God’s time. And even if he doesn’t, he’ll still rock it out and always remember that he may have #adhd but ADHD doesn’t have him! 💛

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Our picky eaters will soon love ♥️ breakfast with this simple, delicious😋, and healthy 🍎🍯recipe. It’s like having dessert for breakfast!🥞
Your donation will help families in need give their child with special needs the best physical, speech and occupational therapy needed to live a full life ✨ please donate to Cara Mia Kids .
Cara Mia Kids is a nonprofit 501 c3 charitable foundation 🎈
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I'm incredibly honored and grateful to announce that my book THIS IS NOT THE ABBY SHOW won the Royal Palm Literary Award for Best Children's Book of 2017, first place in middle grade fiction and first place in young adult fiction. This photo was taken late at night from my hotel room. When I come down from Cloud 9, I'll post more pictures from the event. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much, FWA! It was an evening I'll never forget! #fwa #royalpalmliteraryawards #floridawritersassociation #mg #ya #kidlit #teachers #educators #librarians #childrensbooks #bookawards #bookaward #ADHD #jewishbooks #authorlife #aithor #floridaauthors
Did you miss the Spaz Book signing? Don’t worry, you can still get an autographed copy sent straight to your door. Go to: to buy it now or email to request one. #iamspaz #myspazbook #adhd #adhdawareness #educateyourself #book #bookstagram
Happy Motivational Monday!

I presented a seminar to teachers of the North Carolina Science Teachers Association last week. I was honored to do this because I love sharing what I know with others. In the spring, I was recently honored as the Two-time recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award for teaching Chemistry. With 30 years of combined educational and teaching experience, I consider myself a subject matter expert in STEM-STEAM education. I will be offering some virtual workshops for parents and teachers on how to excel and RISE above in STEM education, especially for children with IEPs (Individual Educational Plans). How does this pic show how our children learn? Can they use both sides of their brain? 🤔👩‍🏫👩‍🎨 👩‍🏫Professor T.K. the Chemist
May your mind, focus & coffee be strong this Monday morning. 💪🏾☕️#mondaymotivation #mondaymood #ilovecoffee #awkwardyeti
New video blog is up (link in bio) ❤️I have a very exciting message to share with you this week. I'm going to start sharing my essential oils journey with you, and I'm going to incorporate them into my sister circles here in Perth and through online webinars for all the people that I connect with worldwide.

I've always shared the oils that we use, but until now I haven't given people the option to buy the oils from me, and to be supported through their new journey. I'm incredibly passionate about helping families transform their lives and to learn to live, love & laugh with ADHD. find out more, head to the my bio @susyparker_ 🙏🏼❤️🙌🏻
📸 @bronniejoelphotography 🌸
HELP JE MEE? Mijn wens is dat alle ouders en fijngevoelige kinderen die zo hun best doen en vastlopen weer kunnen stralen op hun weg naar de toekomst. Zodat iedereen kan ontspannen en zichzelf kan zijn. Ik wil mijn coaching nog beter laten aansluiten bij de ouders en kinderen. Help je mee? Wil je daarom een korte enquete invullen? Je helpt mij hier enorm bij en de ouders en kinderen ook. Link in bio. Dankjewel ❤️

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