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忍衆羅刹 次回は11月5日
岡山美星町「中世夢が原」にて忍者ショーやります(๑╹ω╹๑ )今回はスタンダードな刀練習!
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When you're short af but you make it work Bc the hair has to be on point for the shot. 👌🏼✨📷
A fantastic day of jumping yesterday at the NSW State Titles, despite the bad weather.
Sliding down these giants at Te Paki Dunes in Northland. We took a boogie board and a couple of sand boards down these monsters 😜 Massive fail with the sand boards, we weren’t going anywhere but the boogie board worked a treat 😊
Thank you SO much to everyone who came to HOM class tonight. Sharing this piece meant so much, I really wanted to challenge myself and try a song that wasn't normally expected of me. Thank you to everyone who experimented this with me, and also I'm sorry for your knees and my knees are going to be sore tomorrow too but we all learned to love the floor today lol. Catch me dancing with my wifey Jilly next week for a beginner collab class from 7-8:30pm at Pearl!

Also special shoutout to Minties and Neighbors fam for coming through, and especially to TIF for vibing with me. I love y'all so much.
Cred📹 @heyitsnoms
👯 @jillyjillzzz @youran_lee @marinapocket
Action shots of the troubling two over in Sydney

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