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The healing process comes with a lot of painful memories. Memories that you have forgotten in order to survive. I am one of those people who block all the negative thoughts that I have. In order to do not hate my dad I have forgotten his flogs. But today I try to remember the big chaotic day that changed my life. I was doing something wrong I know, but what could be so bad to kick your children until bleed? While I was on the floor still waiting for the next hit, he was beating up all his troubles without realizing that it was me the one feeling the impact of his legs The neighbors called my brother so he could come. The only words that I can remember is take her out or I kill her. I couldn't not walk properly but I needed to run. The fear transform the physical pain, in an emptiness that has been in my soul for the last 14 years. I needed to stand up, I needed to leave, I needed to disappear, we needed to run. As I needed afterwards to block that memory, to forgot about my mouth full of blood. I cannot realize how I can play both sites of the coins that easier. How I can be the victim, but also the aggressor. By the terrible aggressor I don't mean by kicking somebody, I don't even need that to make you feel afraid because can be an aggressor with my mouth, or I can definitely scare you, when you feel my need of breaking dishes in order to release all that aggressiveness inside. I just hope that now that I allow myself to feel this moment I won't crash while I see a fucking dumb movie.
#memories #borderlinepersonality #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #borderline #fuckdepression #fuckfear #fuckanxiety #abusedchild #pain #anger #angerprobs
Help me by donating to this great cause / Zeina Baba using the link in my bio ..Get out your nail polish this October . This month I’m painting my nail to help support this great cause . I’ve joined the 2017 @ygap @polishedman campaign. We challenge all men ( and women) this month to paint one of their fingernails polished man blue. the polished man campaign raises awareness and funds for children who have suffered physical and/or sexual abuse. Encouraging each other to polish one nail shows support and awareness to the cause . This will strike a conversation which will lead to a donation and this donation will help prevent and protect . No child deserve suffering from violence or abuse . Please donate and help this cause . Being a child should be happiest time of ones life . NAILED IT. #polishedman
#beachild #safeenvironment #happylife #lovebeingachild #safegrounds #beingachildshouldnthurt #nailedit #voilence #bluenails #makeadifference#paintyournail #supportacause #bebrave #childsupport #mentalhealthawareness #abusedchild #notoabuse #standuptoviolence #safeplace
Lola Before Lolita
Fearless and dazzling
Lolita strolls through life

She walks as if her feet
don’t touch the grounds
She floats

Her presence will lead it all on
stop the traffic, stop the thinking
She will awaken your most hidden desires
you no longer capable of thinking for yourself,
even less to making wise choices
she will lead you on

She’s hell in the flesh
her soft and young skin
cries out to be touched
Every inch of Lola exhales desire
you all howling within in her presence

Mouth watering, your breath out of control
you no longer see past the your instincts
wilderness has taken over your soul
Her laughter, her lips
you want all of it
You want her youth and her joy

Ah Lola, Lolita of mine
you whisper in the dark
while you enter the caves of hell where
she sleeps

Wolves lying down with her
she leads the pack
You only see fire
you can’t help yourself
blind with desire
your no longer human hands
reach for her malicious naked body

She awakens, looks into your eyes
and whisper

Daddy?! Mariella Di Cadore
October 5th ,17
A few poetic words to the man who awakened
the Lolita in me at the age of 7. .
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I imagined these being used in a way better situation 💑 but in my life, things never work out as planned. There's a hurricane coming, this is our excuse 🏡 🥃🥃🥃🥃🥃🍕👩🏽😊#myfamilylife #itsdifferenthere #youcantsitwithus #asknoquestions #siblingbonding #abusedchild
Closing Tomorrow. 68 May st Gallery. St Peters.
Hear a pedophile priest say real quotes. Exhibition closing Sunday.
The bodies of the children abused by priests. Exhibition closes Sunday.
Anti Depressant Mary...I'm sure she wouldn't be happy in today's world.
Great opening last night. Thanks to all those who made it very special.
So when BM said that we didn't need to detail the agreement because she was going to be mature and civil and co-parent. We still put in our agreement that we can alter as we see fit visitation. Every time I ask to see her on weekdays she continuously says "It's not what we agreed to in our agreement." Still never owning up to the fact that we gave her the benefit of the doubt and didn't make it detailed, yet included this so I could see her more. "I think the agreement is fine," she keeps saying...Of course you do, you can deny me time all you want. The point is we agreed because you lied and manipulated and we do have a place in our agreement that allows extra time, glad you can interpret this how you want for your best interests instead of our daughter
Virginia has in its section about best interest of the child # 6 " The propensity of each parent to actively support the child’s contact and relationship with the other parent, including whether a parent has unreasonably denied the other parent access to or visitation with the child"

She continuously denies access to my daughter. She uses my daughter like a piece of property. It's sick.
#givebronwynherdaddy #givebronwynherfamily #coparenting #parentalalienationischildabuse #deadbeatoms #nodeadbeatsociety #daddybuilders #fatherslivesmatter #thefathersrightsmovement #fathersrightsmovement #narcissticmother #kidsneedbothparents #liar #parentalalienationawareness #kidsneedtheirdads #letmeseemydad #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #familycourts #abusedchild #selfishmoms
Opening tonight. 6pm. Public Stoning of a Pedophile Priest.
Opening Night. September 1. 6pm.
Exhibition is less than 2 weeks away. Hope to see you there.
Exhibition starts Sept 1.

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