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Been singing LeAnn Rimes' "Blue" in my head since we got to Greece 10 days ago because...well...lots of blue. Now that it's almost time to go home the song's true meaning is hitting too close to home 😢 BUT we are grateful for this opportunity to see beauty abounding in a land with tremendous history and authenticity.
Trekked out to the New Territories in HK for this hike and it was totally worth it! What a great start to the weekend! #lionrock #hike #cityview
#Throwback to that time when you don’t care if you look like a homeless because instagram doesn’t exist yet 😏 // #stacewanders #thuglife #whomyhusbandfellinlovewith
📷: お母さん
(یکی از عجیب ترین مرزهای بین کشورها (هند-پاکستان)
🔹به اعتقاد خیلی‌ها مرز بین این دو کشور، با توجه به عقبه و سابقه‌ی نزاعات آن‌ها، خطرناک‌ترین مرز مشترک جهان است.
🔹به همین دلیل نظارت امنیتی بسیار قوی در بین مرز این کشورها حکم‌فرما است؛ تا جایی که نور نورافکن‌های عظیم این منطقه که برای امنیت و جلوگیری از درگیری در آن همیشه روشن است، حتی از خارج از جو زمین نیز به وضوح مشهود است.
Final lunch on Koh Lanta at our favourite spot (this is the third visit)! All this food plus two cokes and 1.5l bottle of water cost R200. Delicious and cheap - it's a big win!
We love trying new cafés when we travel. As pretty as this green tea latte looks, it tasted a bit weird. Have you ever ordered anything that didn't live up to its expectations?
#darlingweekend #cafes #indonesia

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