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⛰In the restaurant industry we have a saying called 86. It means we’re out of something. So say we run out of Salmon, we all pass around the message, 86 Salmon. I’ve been in restaurants since I was 15. I can hardly believe it’s been well over a decade. The enemy has been ever present in my life lately. He never goes away but sometimes he really gets the best of me. He brings out the worst in people. He capitalizes on our emotions and feelings. He makes us feel worthless. He makes us feel like we’ll never be good enough. The truth is that’s a lie. Jesus literally saves us from all of that hurt and pain. He sways us back in His direction often, even when we don’t notice. Just because you feel beaten down, doesn’t mean God isn’t working in your life. I hope you’ll 86 Satan with me today. Let’s not let him ruin our weekend. Happy Friday! 🏔
Only 30 minutes left before the beauties launch over at @randomrompers! Use code IMANI to save! 🙈😍🙌🏽 #randomrompers
I am sitting in my living room, surrounded by my words as they adorn our walls and windows on giant post-it notes. ...
the last 3 days have been an unfurling and opportunity to dance with my passion. purpose. conviction. calling courage. + deep love for why I do what I do in this sacred work I do in the world.
@nicholenordeman’s voice is poignantly playing in the background...
”this is the unmaking, beauty in the breaking, had to lose myself to find out who you are.
Before each beginning, there must be an ending, sitting in the rubble I can see the stars...✨ this is the unmaking.”
We must “unmake” who we think we are in order to become who we were meant to be.
Thank you @michaelrzeller for facilitating this experience and for shepherding me and my sacred calling on this journey. I am so appreciative + thrilled to continue to share my whole heart with my tribe and the world in this sacred and even more expansive way. 🙏🏻
Over to You:: what do you need to “unmake” in order to become who you really are? 💓 Share below .
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Keep it chill. .
(Art from "Solstice I" by Nelson)
Celebrating fall by visiting wonderful family & great friends in New England🍁
Autumn is all about pumpkins, but cauliflower is a game changer. Roasted to the perfection with delicate spices and crispy sunflower seeds. Simple, easy and out of this world good. And the best part is, it's always cooked by my great husband @roman_kona 💕✨
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This beautiful lady’s senior session is up on the journal today! Loved spending the evening with her!
Mark pulling faces. This project is coming to an end tomorrow (just about) which is very exciting. #limewhite #goodbodystudio
It's a bittersweet feeling to let go of my artwork. If I could, I would keep it for myself and stare at it all day. I find peace in knowing that it will be a blessing to the new owner and space it occupies. Can anyone relate? 💕 To own a piece of my original art for yourself, tap the link in my profile!
“Not strange, just not normal..” -Salvador Dali 🌻💛 #uncommonmurals
Macy’ 10 days of GLAM deals!! I was so EXCITED when I first saw the origins ginZing cream on sale but it wasn’t the eye cream that I use!! ALTHOUGH I’m tempted to try the moisturizer! origins is a great brand! (Swipe to see two other products on sale!)
Colorful and Closed Off. 24x36" / acrylic on gesso board / ready to hang / $$450 + Shipping and handling. ⬅️⬅️Swipe left to see more. 💗💙 -- Title inspired by my large personality that I sometimes prefer to keep to myself. 😉
Gift of Granola. I think homemade granola is a simple and delicious gift to give. You can do it for a housewarming, a hostess gift, holiday treat for neighbors, friends and even your kids’ teachers. During this time of year I keep my eye out for cute containers like the one pictured. (@target @dollartree , @michaelsstores , @joann_stores )
This recipe is from my Aunt Sue. She is the best cook and always makes everything from scratch. If she made know it’s good. -1 cup coconut oil
-1 cup honey
-1/4 cup brown sugar
-2 tsp vanilla
Cook over medium heat till sugar dissolves. .
-1 large container rolled oats
-2 cups chopped pecans (or any nut)
-1 cup slivered almonds -1/2 cup pumpkin seeds
-1 cup sunflower seeds -1 cup flax seed (I omit this bc it hurts my tummy)
-1 cupish chopped dried cherries (or any dried fruit...or omit)
—�you can even add coconut if you like. Get creative. .
Mix all ingredients together in large bowl. Place on cookie sheets lined with parchment. (You will do multiple makes a TON) cook at 400 for 6 min. Stir. Cook another 6 min until golden brown color. Dump onto wax paper on countertop to cool.

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