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Peering through a window 👀🌱🔮 The grass is always greener 🌱🌿
I took this photo while studying abroad in Barcelona. This was a run down greenhouse in the beautiful gardens of the Universitat de Barcelona. Though I didn’t attend class at the university, my classes weren’t far from there. The gardens were open to the public and one of my favorite places. They were beautiful. I loved grabbing a sandwich before class and wandering around until I found a bench in a nice secluded area— sharing the meat in my sandwich with one of the many cats that lived there. There was something vaguely mystical about those gardens. It felt like I was being transported to another world. Within that mystical world was that run down greenhouse that looked like it should’ve been abandoned, but instead was teeming with lively green flora. Peering through that broken glass it seemed almost to be a portal to the fey realms. I’ve always been a reader. Books have always been my form of escapism— almost to an addiction. I’ve always loved stories in which magical worlds run parallel to ours— just hidden behind some elusive vail. I love the idea of there being something more, something hidden to escape into when this world seems too much. A world filled with magic and good and evil and trickery. I’m especially drawn to stories about the fey realms. This greenhouse always seemed to make it seem so possible. Walking into the gardens seemed to transport me to another place. That green house felt as it was a veil between worlds. ——————————————————
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