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Hey guys! So me and @amandamalvazzo @waitingontheworld are holding a contest! It's a hand contest. Just take a picture related to hands, it the picture can have bracelets, rings, anything you want! do your best! Rules: ➡you have to be following ~all~ of us. Unlimited entries and it will end in one week from now⬅. The tag is #AALedits . Please, tag 2-4 people who you think that would like to enter. Good luck!
fall. go on and lose it all. every doubt, every fear, every worry, every tear, I'm right here. baby, fall. || I'm almost to 2800 <3 i really would love to get to 3000 soon! <3
Feels good to be back on photoshop 😃😝👍✌👊👌👐☝
The new Maroon 5 cd is out and so you think you can dance is back on. I'm good☺❤
Thank you so much for helping me reach 1000 followers❤ really means a lot to me☺
I have to keep reminding myself there's only 2 more weeks of school.. We can make it!! ☺
Wanted to repost this since not many people saw it last time☺ what do you guys think of this photo?
so guys... should I try to open an instacanvas? would you guys buy my pictures? or would it be a waste of time?
I refuse to sink// I'm such a copier😝. Inspired by like, everyone. I have a lot more pictures on my camera to post...
Please tell me the truth everyone. Do you guys all wish my feed was still like when it was matching and sunny? I enjoy mixing it up and I'm actually kinda enjoy my new photos but I used to get way more comments on my old stuff.. please tell me what you think❤
It's my bestfriend's birthday today! Go follow @4evermovement and wish her a happy birthday🎂🎁🎉