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Is it the weekend yet?
❤️’d this sign over the summer at @highvoltagecafe
Gosh, how I miss the boardwalk + lavender lattes + the sea.
kirrn 49m ago
We walked over the new bridge this morning just before sunrise. I’m always awe struck at that moment this side of the earth 🌏 is waking up. Usually, I can hear the birds’ first morning chirps and the first signs of life from my neighborhood homes. Today, while the walk was nice and I had a moment to appreciate the breaking dawn, it was really freakin noisy on that bridge. The amount of traffic at 06:00 is astonishing. 😐 I told My husband that perhaps walking on the bridge during daylight would be better, as I would be distracted by the beautiful view. He said: wear your ear plugs. 😂 #sunrise #exercise #breakingdawn #fthamerbridge #yawn #manateecounty #nursesrock

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