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Late night work, feels like the our new project has take over my mind the last week and I love it. Soon I. An tell you what we’re working on!
Dear Marketers and students pursuing Marketing,
If you're reading this, then you are passionate about what you do!
See, there’s so much more to Marketing than digital marketing and content marketing. You must do your research and begin applying yourself to different forms of Marketing. There’s over 20+ ways! 😱💁🏼
This will make you a more flexible marketer❗️ who not only knows how to represent brands, generate leads, build customer retention but also in more ways than one! You must be more VALUABLE than your competitors and by doing so, it means more knowledgeable too! 💯 .

Here’s a great #TBT from when I worked at 😍 @britandco very first NYC pop-up event that took place in Soho! Here I was representing both @britandco and @lyft. I’m sure you’ve heard of them! 💁🏼

I was a Brand Ambassador given the opportunity to talk to everyone who stopped by, about the fabulous and super creative @britandco media company (You muuuuust check them out and download their app) 📲
And about @lyft's new amazing feature in your settings on your app, Round Up & Donate, where you can now round up your fare to the nearest dollar amount AND donate those leftover 20-50 cents to YOUR charity of choice right through the app. Come on, what an awesome and easy way to help so many causes! 👏🙀😍

Don’t get me wrong, I work a full time job which involves different types of Marketing, but I always take on more 📈 opportunities when I have the time to go and do Marketing in others ways to expand my experience, and shoot… have a whole lot of fun too! As you'll see in my uploads 👉🏼
Best of luck to you all!
.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀
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After looking through all of the #metoo status’ that have flooded my newsfeed. I think it’s very apparent that this is a thing that happens. Even for the girls who’ve read them and thought about sharing but haven’t. I’m one of those girls. Yes I feel it is important to share the stories. To make it a conversation. But he isn’t worth the effort of dragging up those feelings. I’m a girl with many boxes. Boxes I still haven’t opened and faced because that means I have to face the version of myself that wasn’t willing to make it a conversation then. Who was someone who just let those things happen to me. Who allowed him to do the things he did to me. And he isn’t worth the guilt or shame opening that box will bring. You can say I shouldn’t feel guilt or shame but I do. Because I too am responsible. I am not a victim. I am strong. I am fucking beautiful. And I love myself. And I will help every woman I can to see those things in herself through personal development and the practice of self love. Because that’s what we need.
More women helping women. Not just a bunch of status updates. Sharing your story is just a piece of the larger problem. Take it a step further. Reach out to someone you know who is enduring self hurt or allowing someone to treat them less than they deserve. Because if you just sit there in silence and allow them to do that then your self freeing status was for what? Yourself? This isn’t about making you feel like your story wasn’t important. It’s about helping the women who are still living theirs.
Dedicated to forming a community of helping women overcomer trauma, I can't help but feel hurt😔, angry😤, and a lil afraid about this Harvey Weinstein situation. The fear comes from the nonchalant attitudes that may stem from so many women being involved in this case. I fear society becoming passive about rape, sexual harassment, and domestic abuse.

Currently, I am working on ownership of my emotional health, being sensual, and expressing my feminality & sexiness💋. So, to aid me with these things, I'm reading: Beauty for Ashes, by Joyce Meyer. The Sun and Her Flowers, by Rupi Kaur. Quiet: The Power of Introverts, by Susan Cain... So, Ladies stay empowered and know that you are loved💋💋💋 #Ladies_Come_First_ #harveyweinstein #metoo #sexualharrasment #rape #domesticviolence #overcomer #emotionalhealth #mentalhealth #beautyforashes #joycemeyer #thesunandherflowers #rupikaur #quietthepowerofintrovertsinaworldthatcantstoptalking #susancain #womanempowerment #selflove
If you have that drive, that passion to make it work, it will.
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#metoo series special post!
Dedicated to all young boys written by @likeabletarantula
Join her in support to give the world a sense of magnitude of problems like sexual harassment, abuse, assault!
DM me your experiences! Anonymity will be maintained, your identity won't be revealed!
#MeToo... If everyone who had experienced sexual harassment or assault or unwanted touch wrote "Me too" as a status, we might give people a sense of magnitude of the unkindness that exists and then, we can do something about it.. The offender is guilty and not the sufferer ...
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