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It's been a little over a month since my "Would You Marry Me Conference" and I'm ready to discuss some things!!! Inspired by my personal life and a wonderful discussion with my best friend, @just_britty , I would love to discuss [online] the male and female perspective on how [I believe] we were groomed to think as children & teens. Let's talk about how this "grooming" may have possibly helped or hindered our progress in relationships. Whether it is platonic or romantic, the opposite sex may be on the same page about somethings, but most of it maybe not so much. I am inclined to believe that it all have to do with how each gender was presented with the idea of relationships.

Why is this so important for believers to know? You'll have to find out upon discussion! 😉Mark your calendars for the week of October 16th! This is going to be good.
Will I go live? Most certainly! The date of Live Stream is TBA! Stay tuned!
#wouldyoumarryme #waitingalone #relationships #WYMM #friendships #love 💫🌺
You say you want it, but what if all God was waiting for was your mindset to shift?
You cannot walk in newness with the same-old mindset. I would argue that where you are now may not be as bad as you think... maybe it is just your mindset; however, don't expect what you haven't prepared for. If it came now, would you even be ready for it? 💫🌺

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