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If anyone comes @ me for this being too inappropriate to post, really just unfollow me. Your #wcw posts pics of her bare ass and you double tap it so I dare you to try me!! —
I have spent the past 9 months non-stop grinding so that I can be content with my reflection in the mirror. I can now say that I am happy and I do plan on showcasing my hard work wherever and whenever. I think I own bragging rights !! Also these leggings were $40 I’m not gonna let them sit in my closet lolol
K that’s all I have to say 🤓

Tag someone who competes!

@chiarellitrainr put in the time with me. (2) 4 hour sessions two days in a row and it shows! This is the remarkable change you can see in just two days time. Why are you waiting?

This is the true definition of what length does to an athlete. Short muscles make you look cool in the gym or practice, but not for game time. We want long, good looking, well performing muscle.

Everything becomes so relaxed, so effortless and so natural. We spend way more time building than we need to. I could do this exact amount of change you see here a good 3 more times. Why the heck did you build that much without maintaining it along the way?

What I'm getting at is she or anyone could modify their training and be seeing 1. Faster results with no risk of injury 2. A lot more of what they are working for sooner, to see if they even want or need more.

This is why I preach to maintain what you've built. You sound like the wise one in the gym when you follow this and as you can see, you'd look like it too.

This next year is going to one for the books for her and @teamhexx

Can't wait to see her compete in a couple weeks. We've all got a few more tricks up our sleeves. Watch out now!
👑Tonight’s workout was Powerful! These ladies showed up and showed out 🔥🔥💕💞 ! Join us this WEDNESDAY at 7pm! Registration is still open! 👑 #PinkWednesday #12weekChallenge #Tkfm
10 Extremely Rare Deadstock 1997 WCW / n.W.o. "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan Shredded Black Tank Tops

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