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Journaling, while cooking up some of Christopher’s favorite lentil soup! 💟 Also, it’s been 10 months on the road and I still can’t get over how beautiful our wooden floors are! 🍂📝
Been seeing a lot of posts lately about friends who have lost climbing partners to tragic accidents, and how they wished they had just one more opportunity to reach out to them and tell them how they feel. This is my friend Andy sitting at the top of Half Dome after our ascent of Snake Dike, taking in the view. He's still very much alive, and as am I because of his willingness to lead me up the route I was too scared to continue to lead after a very terrifying first pitch. I was in no immediate danger, but Andy sensed my anxiety and kept his spirits high throughout the whole 6 hour ordeal. He's always like this -- a great climbing partner, a wonderful friend and just a kind soul that I'm lucky to have run into while on this earth. Don't wait to tell the ones you care about how you feel. Give your climbing partners a hug instead of a high five at the end of the day, even if it's been a few days (or weeks) since they've showered. You'll will never regret the love you share @mcquilat
Seguimos en Santander y esta vez el plan fue en un lugar llamado “La Gloria” uno de los tantos sitios económicos y divertidos que se pueden encontrar en la region, ⬆ VIDEO EN LA BIO! ⬆
Someone I just met Friday fixed my car tonight for no reason other than he didn't want me driving around with one headlight when he thought he could fix it. I've gotten 3 tickets so far for it. It's a borrowed car and a wiring issue as I've been told. It's stressed me out but I resigned myself to it. He fixed my car tonight. For no reason but kindness and cause he knew he could. I feel humbled and my faith in humanity is restored. The smallest things can make you ridiculously happy. It's such a good Monday. •

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I got my new pin and I loooOoove it🤗💛
Guys, I can’t WAIT to be houseless myself. So this little guy serves as a reminder for what is to come (😻) and gives me s’more motivation to get there. You bet your little booty it’ll go right in the roof above the drivers’ seat one day🙌🏼🚌 .
(I also love my ring. And the two little freckles on my hand. #loveyourself )
Aaaalso, you should absolutely click on Jane’s Instagram and follow her because she’s the shit. She’s in Australia right now, but is usually livin’ life in her van, Teeg. She’s a ball of good energy and great words. And there’s more where this pin came from so check out the shop🤓
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We had to get him a hot dog Halloween costume. He's not very happy about it 😂
Living that van life 👦👦🐻 // #vanlife 🤙

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