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Seen here is a flower thought to have been saved by a Cruiser OLYMPIA crewman to remember his part in transporting the Unknown Soldier across the Atlantic Ocean. Learn more about its story and the historic milestone in our exhibit, "World War I: USS Olympia."
These photos don't do the ship justice. Everyone needs to do a tour there cause it's amazing. #USSOlympia #Latergram
Ship's Bell of the USS Olympia. Flagship of the Pacific Fleet during the Spanish-American War (Guerra Hispano-Americana). The American Empire was founded on these decks. "You may fire when ready, Gridley"

Submarine BECUNA & Cruiser OLYMPIA are looking mighty fine. When was your last time aboard? #regram @aneudy77
Independence Seaport Museum’s Olympia (C-6) and Becuna (SS-319) at Penn’s Landing in Philadelphia, PA. Another one of mine, this time taken 9/30. Becuna is in GUPPY IA configuration, not her WWII fit, the only preserved submarine sporting this particular modification. She also is sitting much higher in the water than a Balao-class sub usually would, presumably due to the absence of heavy fittings like her screws and anchor (which are on display nearby).

Olympia’s bow torpedo tube is clearly visible, as are 6-pdr casemates along her hull. Her lightest guns, both 1-pdrs and gatlings, would have populated her fighting platforms on her masts. They are not featured on the ship, nor are ladder rungs to access the lower platforms. Note her gun port hatches house portholes as well. She is in standard USN livery for the 1890s and early 1900s, though this white and buff paint scheme would be phased out in favor of grey after the voyage of the Great White Fleet (of which Olympia was not a part). Olympia’s interior wooden fittings would also be deemed a liability on other warships, as early as 1898. Olympia retains hers, but many other ships from the early steel navy had theirs removed after the Great White Fleet and earlier consequences of flammable fittings suffered by the Russians at Tsushima Strait.

Access to the foredeck and quarterdeck is not granted to visitors aboard the Olympia. However, you are given access to the main deck within the superstructure, and the upper weather deck. You also can climb up to the open bridge; Commodore Dewey’s position at the onset of the Battle of Manila Bay is thought to be on that platform, just to the left of the wooden pilothouse seen here.
An amazing photo taken by Thomas W. Kennedy in 1899 as Cruiser OLYMPIA was returning to NY after the Spanish-American War victory. #Regram @seaportmuseum
Sailors need fuel and this copper, 45-gallon, lead-lined coffee percolator kept the caffeine flowing on Cruiser OLYMPIA. ☕️ #NationalCoffeeDay
Views & Evil Genius brews tonight and tomorrow at Admiral's Tavern, our last weekend of our pop-up beer garden on Cruiser OLYMPIA. #Regram @stolton
Peering at Cruiser OLYMPIA from a porthole across the river. Taken from the Battleship NJ. #Regram @visitmilitarymemorials