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It's not everyday you meet a friend and they instantly turn into family! You were definitely cut from a different cloth cuz they don't make them like you no more! You have such a bright future ahead of you and it makes me so happy to see you slay your way to go after your dream! Everyone wants to become something but not everyone has your determination! You have taught me so much and I'm forever thankful for that! I KNOW you will have a great day today cuz you deserve nothing less! I hope God grants you all your wishes in life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELI!!! Love youuuu ❤️ #OgConcertPartner #Loca #Esqinthemaking #BeautyAndBrains #ERSRememberTheName #CutFromADifferentCloth #HabibiForLife #TrueEffingStory #HappyBirthday #AllBlackEverything 🖤🖤🖤@e.r.s._
This peach cheesecake is about to change someone's life!! If you didn't know any better you'd swear it had the ability to deliver you from sin! Dear future husband...I hope you don't pride yourself on having chiseled abs because you'll get fat really really fast dealing with me! #ICanCookBoo #IKnowWhereAllTheGoodFoodSpotsAre #IHaveAppsThatOrderFoodOnMyIphone #TrueEffingStory #IReallyDo #WatchaGottaSayAboutIt
b_vega15 179w ago
#trueEFFINGstory thank you @_meganmichelle_ 🙌👏👍 But in all honesty...I love boobies too and I don't know why lol. 😂😂
b_vega15 197w ago
Can't get over how long it is...this picture doesn't do it justice! Feel like I should be doing something since I did my hurr! lol. 💁😊