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The four #popculture characters I’m most like: #benwyatt (#adamscott) of #parksandrec because of his love for all things geek and his ability to react to things; a twofer with #johncusack, one of my favorite actors such as his #top5list-obsessed record store owner except replace his music lists with movies on #highfidelity as Rob Gordon; #grossepointeblank as Martin Blank, despite his evil profession (which I’m definitely not that by occupation), a guy who always wears black and remains to himself if a bit high strung. Finally, the iconic #billmurray in #groundhogday for his misanthropic attitude toward the banal.
Feeling a bit snacky? Or want to find some cool shirts? Come join us on campus at the ASUO Street Faire through Friday. Here's our
Top 5 things to do at the Street Faire:
1. Eat elephant ears from Homemade Fried Bread
2. Browse through the posters in the poster booth
3. Get a refreshing Thai Iced Tea at  Three Fork
4. Buy some tie dye or a bonsai tree
5. Order either a sweet or savory crepe from Happy Go Lucky Crepes. On the street fav? Nutella Monkey and Breakfast
#campuslife #top5list 📸: @danika_taylor
Leaves are changing, weather is getting cooler..fall is in the air. Check out our top 5 fall party themes.
Residence Hall Meals: So tasty you may never want to leave! Our Top 5:
1. Pasta in Global Scholars Hall
2. Burritos in Hamilton
3. Coffee & smoothies in Living Learning Center
4. Custom bowls in Global Scholars Hall
5. Brunch in Carson
What's your favorite on campus eatery? 🍝🌯🥞🥓🥙
#campuslife #top5list 📸: @danika_taylor
5 Tank Berbahaya Di AOV Menurut #top5list *

1. Mina, jika Mina sedang berkumpul dan bersiap untuk War, memeluk tower adalah salah satu jalan yg terbaik agar bisa selamat dari kematian :v

2. Gildur, hati hati tercyduck Gildur, kalo udh kena stun, yang lain pasti dateng haha

3. Cresht, walau tubuhnya kecil, kalau sudah ulty, bisa bisa di robohkan towermu... Apalagi pakai talent 'disrupt'

4. Thane, tank yang ga mungkin dilawan sendirian.

5. Grakk, ini dia defender yang selalu ngumpul dan meluk tower hahaha
*list berdasarkan kerjasama tim.

#moba #mobile #mobilelegends #mobilelegend #mobilelegendswtf #mobilelegendsgame #mobilelegendsindonesia #mobilelegendsindo #aov #aovindo #aovindonesia #arenaofvalorindonesia #vainglory #vaingloryindonesia #memes #memes
Our Hip Hop Top 5 list got a bit heated on the Gems & Juice Podcast when @tha_jewlz put T.I. on her list with no Jay Z. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and SoundCloud. #hiphoppodcast #gemsandjuicepodcast #hiphop #top5list #itunes #soundcloud #jayz #ti #houston #cleveland
The hardest list I could have done, my top 5 favourite songs:
5. The Only Exception, Paramore

4. Last Young Renegade, All Time Low

2. Somewhere In Neverland, All Time Low
1. Lifetime, Noah And The Whale #top5list #music #sohardtopick #noahandthewhale #alltimelow #neontreesbaybay #paramore
Coffee shops are reminiscent of home; comfortable and inviting. ☕️ I just posted a blogpost about my top 5 favorite coffee shops in Philly. The list includes @lacolombecoffee, @frontstreetcafe, and more. Click the link in my bio to give it a read! 😊
At GLBC, we are more than just corrugated boxes and packaging. We also create amazing labels! To help inspire your next great label, we pulled together a list of some of our favourites on our blog! #glbc #greatlittlebox #bccompany #manufacture #labels #design #top5list #blogpost #blog
Two episodes this week! We did a kickstarter preview for Tim Fowers' newest game, Now Boarding! The backing period ends in 1 week. The photos are print and play prototype files for this cooperative, real-time game. Our Top 5 list was recommended by Wayne from @playthatfunkyboardgame "Top 5 Games We Want to Play but Haven't Yet." It's a fun list, focusing on games that are already out that we really should get around to playing soon. Hope you enjoy them at
. #nowboarding #timfowers #fowersgames @tim.fowers @goldsberryryan #ryangoldsberry #kickstarter #kickstarterpreview #top5 #podcast #top5list #top10 #top10list #boardgames #bgg #boardgamepodcast #tabletop #gaming
Planning that last minute cookout...going to your neighbors for a cookout? What should you make or take? Check out today's blog post for ideas.
Link in bio.
~ I was tagged by @theamazingdaveman and @eldklot
to show my Top 5 horror movies! 😁
After some back and forth of which horror movies I consider my top 5, I finally settled with those:
- Martyrs
- A tale of two sisters
- 1408
- Mindhunters
- Return to House on haunted hill
[Listed in no particular order]
As @theamazingdaveman did, I ended up focusing on the more "modern" horror to make it a lot easier for myself to be able to choose at all 😅
I am aware that 'Return to House on haunted hill' is a quite bad and badly produced movie but I thought it was hilarious, hence why it is in my top 5 horror movies. 😎
Learned how to use my mic 👌🏿!! Let me know what y'all think lol I promise to an extent it's worth it #Anime #GoreAnime #animemovies #Underratedanime #Youtube #linkinbio #entertainment

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