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دوستان عزیز از فردا با معرفی آلبوم های انفرادی اعضای گروه در خدمت شما خواهیم بود.
نظرات و پیشنهادات خودتونو در دایرکت و یا زیر همین پست بهمون بگید.

Such a pleasure when @kid_a_80 Miami local rockstar comes over to hang with @free_bird5 the sneaky videographer and plays radiohead!!!! #goodnights #highofflife when everyone in the house loves #radiohead ! #goslowly #thomyorke #acousticguitar #localmiami
Me because there’s new MGMT and I’m so excited and happy #Radiohead #thomyorke
Today I will be reviewing the album OK Computer by the band Radiohead. When I heard this album for the first time I didn’t think it was much to write home about. But through multiple listens I quickly realized just how monumental this album really is in terms of its influence on music. This album is very well-produced and each song is structured in a way that’s complex and in a way that really pays off when the climax of each song is reached. The second half of the track “Karma Police” is easily one of the best things I’ve ever heard in music. It’s beautiful and sinister and breathtaking. Lots of credit can be given to singer Thom Yorke’s incredible and versatile vocals that really do the songs justice on this record. A lot of the credit can also be given to Jonny Greenwood’s guitar playing in this album which can either be the most beautiful thing you’ve ever heard or something that reminds you of a feverish and insane nightmare. The skills of the other members of the band also contribute a ton to this album. The tracks on this album are consistently amazing and they don’t disappoint. The only minor complaint I have is that I don’t think the chorus on the track “Lucky” is anything to be crazy about but other than that, this album is truly a masterpiece that deserves to be known as one of the best albums ever made in my opinion. I very strongly recommend this album and I would rate it a solid 10/10.
#PianoLessons. My house had a #piano in it when bought it so I figured it's time I finally learn to play. Please pay no mind to how #detuned / #outoftune it is.
#Radiohead #LikeSpinningPlates #Amnesiac #ThomYorke #VeryAmateur #WhatIsFingerPlacement

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