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m y u n i f o r m. (button down + high waisted jeans) ✔️// Believe it or not it’s a nursing top from @teatandcosset and it’s been the bright side of nursing & pumping while I’ve had to do it in some crazy places. // Click the link in bio for more about that and my interview with @wellroundedny wearing these tops on the blog. Also enter their #GIVEAWAY to win a piece from the collection:
1) Follow @teatandcosset & @wellroundedny
2) Let them know the fun places you’ve had to pump to win a piece from the collection!
3) Tag a friend who’s expecting / breastfeeding too! ❤️ // 📷: @stylishhipkids #thisiswhereipump
{Giveaway} Are you a pumping mama? Read about all the places @lizteich has pumped: "As if pumping isn’t challenging enough, it’s definitely more of a challenge being a freelancer and advocating to find the time and space to pump while working. I’ve been fortunate to work with people that understand and will allow me to take the time to do it, but I usually only get about 15 minutes at most (including setting up and cleaning parts) and unlike those that work in an office that are lucky to have a designated space to pump, I often have to scramble to find the space. I’ve pumped everywhere from disgusting bathrooms to my car to dressing rooms to the back of a RV to a pop-up changing tent while having a conversation with colleagues. I once had a producer and client walk into the room where I was pumping — knowing I was pumping in there. The worst was when I was prepping a job and I could only carry around my hand pump, which takes a lot longer, so I sat on the toilet in a department store bathroom for 20 minutes pumping. The store security got notice on their walkie to check on the woman who was in the bathroom for a long time!" - more about stylist and pumping mama @lizteich in link in profile. Pumping mamas! Tell us where you pump below or take it one step further and inspire another mom by showing us where you pump by posting a photo in your feed for a chance to win an item from nursing style brand @teatandcosset! Use the hashtag #thisiswhereipump and tag @wellroundedny and @teatandcosset! 📷 @stylishhipkids #breastfeeding #breastfeedingclothes #breastfeedingstyle #breastfeedinginspiration #breastfeedingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #pumpingmom #sponsored @teatandcosset
Did you see who was on @wellroundedny today talking about personal experiences with working + breastfeeding? 💁🏼👶🏼 // I’m also wearing my new favorite line of nursing friendly clothes from @teatandcosset —Check it out and look for the 20% off code (also on my Instastories). // 📷: @stylishhipkids #thisiswhereipump #workingmama #mommoments
Only a few left of these exclusive teal colored wooden cameras! Now a days, all we do is snap photos & videos! Share the fun with your little 💕 #alittlebundle
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Happy Tuesday! These cuties are still on vacation mode 😍 Hope you're having a great start to your week • 📷 #regram @chapetitbark #wellroundedny
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Sep 2, 2017 2:11 PM (UTC)
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It's the long weekend! 💗To all our growing belly Mamas - hope you're relaxin' this weekend! #wellroundedny
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Sep 2, 2017 1:21 AM (UTC)
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Why do you feel it’s important for you to breastfeed as a woman of color? "There is a huge disparity within the black community regarding breastfeeding, and because of this, the rates of infant mortality is up. Why are black women not breastfeeding? There are various reasons. History, socio-economics, racial biases within the medical industry, you name it. They all play a part. I breastfeed because I now realize that breastfeeding is truly amazing for my baby. I breastfeed because I can. I share images of me breastfeeding to show that black women do breastfeed, and to encourage other moms of color. Ten years ago, we didn’t have Instagram. It could have been quite beneficial to look online and have access to photos of beautiful black women nursing their babes." - @bstereo | photo by @redanchorphoto 💕 #wellroundedny
User Image alittlebundle Posted: Aug 30, 2017 5:43 PM (UTC)
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Gorgeous Mama in our "MAMA LOVE" tee 💕 Thank you @sleepandthecity for sharing such a sweet moment! Head on over to her Insta to check out her newest launch: Newborn Sleep Survival Guide! #sleepconsultant #alittlebundle
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Aug 30, 2017 12:41 AM (UTC)
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Set your Alarms, Mamas! Join Ali @inspiralized tomorrow at 10am est and take a sneak peek at how she's preparing for her baby! Feel free to send her any questions you may have - see you here at #wellroundedny InstaLive - Aug 30th at 10am EST! #instalive #pregnant #pregnancy #inspiralized
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Aug 27, 2017 2:29 PM (UTC)
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"At 20 weeks pregnant with Nicholas, I was diagnosed with complete placenta previa. My gyno told me I’d likely have numerous bleeding episodes (horrifying), be placed on hospitalized bed rest (monotonous), and birth a preemie- all of which happened.

Nicholas arrived the morning after my third bleed. He was six weeks early, 4 pounds 11 ounces- skin and bones. Granted, not anything compared to micro-preemies born every day, but still, in my mind, I had birthed a little doll." - @mamabdesigns Nadine Bubeck ( Read her story - Link in Bio) #nicubaby #wellroundedny
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Aug 26, 2017 2:22 PM (UTC)
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#BumpEnvy: @willybmum, Libby Vlasic
"This pregnancy though, although feeling incredibly blessed and happy, I suffered with severe nausea for around 8 weeks and was basically bed ridden. This was incredibly difficult at times.

I was also diagnosed with a hematoma (like a blood clot) near my placenta early on, which has since been absorbed by my body and poses no further risk. However, with these things coupled together I was unable to exercise, early on, and during my first pregnancy I was at the gym all the time. " (Read the entire interview - Link in Bio) #thebump #pregnant #wellroundedny
📸 by @rkbresler on location at @lovechildyoga
Whether it’s for indoor play, outdoor adventuring or just a safe space to place your sleeping babe, travel cribs have a multitude of purposes. Each travel crib on the market offers something a little different, so we’ve broken it down to help you find the travel crib that’s perfect for your family. [Link in Bio] eight of the most popular travel cribs out there. 📷💕Adorable Apple in @babybjorn @carmenthemodernmom • Written by @kingkidlet #wellroundedny #travelcribs
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Aug 20, 2017 1:29 PM (UTC)
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User Image wellroundedny Posted: Aug 14, 2017 2:08 PM (UTC)
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You’ve made it! You’re breastfeeding. It’s all going smoothly-ish. And boom, you have to go back to work. Now you have to figure out pumping, bottle-feeding, and keeping up a milk supply, all while juggling the demands of your job and mothering! Whew. 🌱
One way to NOT wean is increasing your breastfeeding sessions at night. I know. You’re probably asking, “What? Why would I do that?” Well, for many reasons. It keeps milk supply up and provides a lot of closeness and snuggles, which moms miss when they go back to work. Read more on how you can keep your supply up over at link in bio! ✨💕 @lansinohusa • Written by Jada Shapiro of @getboober 🌱#ad #sponsored #wellroundedny 📷@rkbresler
User Image wellroundedny Posted: Aug 13, 2017 1:03 PM (UTC)
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#Repost @bab736 with @repostapp
First @milkstork shipment going out back home to #babybolin2016. Thank goodness because my hotel does not have a mini fridge in the room so I've been storing my milk here at @dunestudios. 🤞it gets home still cold as promised! Also, so grateful that my company will reimburse me for the shipping service. Makes a huge difference to have the support from @lovechicos and @mycreativedrive for the working/traveling moms. .
#milkstork #WorldBreastfeedingWeek #momspumphere #workingmom #pumpingmom #normalizebreastfeeding #proudchicosfasemployee #lovechicos #proudchicosemployee #thisiswhereipump @momspumphere #expresslove #momboss