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Join us this Saturday @indianrolleraustin for their 3-year anniversary! Let’s celebrate with some music and tacos. Party starts at 2 PM, our set starts at 6:30 PM. Don’t miss it!
Who doesn't have our "Inspire The Society" Third Anniversary Collection yet? Get a piece now, while you still can!

Photo by: @betinabetilezz
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"...the whole process of locating ones relationship to tradition is not about copying or appropriating. So what is originality? What is imagination? While navigating and confronting host of categories such as Woman, Pakistani, Muslim, South Asian, Asian American, I have always used creativity as a tool to challenge and explore the potential of multiplicity instead of rigidity or insularity....". #excerpt
Was such an amazing honor to speak at the @agakhanmuseum gala! September 28, 2017

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Well, 8 years together and tonight we celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. Happy anniversary babe, tonight I got you a Yankee win! #marriedlife #thirdanniversary #letsgoyankees
(LONG POST) 🎉 It's been 3 years today since I watched the movie Water for Elephants and decided to go vegan!
I know it's weird and random, but watching this fictional movie actually made me decide to change my previous vegetarian diet (adopted bc I didn't like the taste of meat) into a completely ethically vegan and cruelty free lifestyle. I can't tell you how the movie ended because I actually didn't finish it. The movie contains scenes of animal abuse (seeing as its about the circus), and I ended up crying and refusing to finish the rest. I've always been sensitive and cry easily, and I always loved animals so it it wasn't a new occurrence. What was different was how I reflected on my feelings about the movie. I was crying that night, seeing the elephant in the movie lying there after being beat by a horrible character over and over in my head, and I started thinking about how animals in real life suffer relentlessly and mercilessly every day and how normalized it is in society. I came to a realization that night. While I couldn't stop the world from treating animals cruelly immediately (the ideal goal), I could at least put an end to my actions that contributed to the suffering of beautiful and innocent animals. So I went vegan overnight, and 3 years later I'm still going strong and living my best life 🌱💖 #veganniversary #thirdanniversary #longpost #aboutme #govegan #loveisallyouneed #compassioniscool #nevergoingback #happyandhealthylife #lifelongvegan #veganshare
Our "create your own journal" allows you to choose the text, and font for your journal. You also choose the location of the text. 📚

If you're giving the journal as a gift, the interior sleeve is a great place to add a personal message to the recipient. Kinda like a secret between you and them.🤫 From the outside, no one sees it...but it's a special touch that they'll carry with them.

I love this message a wife chose to add on the sleeve of a journal she designed for her main man ♥️

{Shown in light brown with #10 font}
Anniversary flowers delivered from my love to hold me over until I get to see him in an hour or so. First anniversary as a family of three 😍#thirdanniversary #marriage #waitingfortonight #feelingspecial
And so today @ccurryf3 and I close the book on year three and embark on the adventure of year four. ❤️ Time sure flies when you’re traveling, vinyl hunting, business building, and puppy loving (among other things!) with your favorite human. 🥂#curryedaway #someonestoleourhashtag #thirdanniversary

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