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Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville Kentucky was built to house patients who contracted TB during the "White Plague" but over the years Waverly was made into the large hospital you see today. During this time at Waverly Hills the doctors and nurses were trying so hard to find a way to cure or at least make the patients feel better. The doctors had the backside of the hospital a 'fresh air room' so instead of windows on the back of building there were screens so that fresh air could come inside but nothing else could get in or out. Doctors also performed cruel treatments trying to cure them such as placing sand bags on the patients chest, removing ribs, removing or collapsing lungs and more. But then came the worst...during the White Plague patients were arriving at Waverly almost everyday and worse then that patients were dying almost everyday. That is when the head doctors had the 'Body Chute' built. The Body Chute was an underground concrete tunnel that lead from the hospital 500ft down to the way to the bottom of the hill the hospital was built on. But its not getting any better just yet..soon after the 5th floor of the hospital was turned into a psychiatric ward for the mentally/criminaly insane. Also on the 5th floor in room 502 a young nurse hung herself because she was pregnant and had contracted TB. By the time of its closure in 1962 Waverly Hills had claimed the lives of more then 60,000 people. Waverly Hills is called "One of the most haunted places in the world" and paranormal activity happens there daily from footsteps to seeing figures and everything in between. Waverly Hills was bought in 2001 and is currently being restored to its original condition. The new owners hold ghost tours and history tours, you can spend the night inside the hospital and perform your own ghost hunt, and much more also every Halloween they hold a haunted house inside the building. All the money made from these things goes to the restoration of the hospital. Well thats Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Holding patients from children to the elderly and most of them..never leaving..
ALSO when Waverly was bought in 2001 there was some disturbing graffiti on some of the walls.
This translation task is insanely a lot. When I was asked to continue to teach how to translate, I didn’t hesitate to say yes cuz I thought there would be the one translated in advance. However, hell no. No translation made by anyone before of this book. Moreover, it’s about theoretical methods to interpret the Scripture that I have nothing to do with. I’ve already reduced so much of my workload and now I realized that I wanna hide somewhere nobody knows and do nothing but sleep ceaselessly. But fortunately, I have a great person who delivered these 귤들 even though I said like “I hate you saying I need to quit this job and focus on studying cuz I know I have to afford all the small and big journeys I’d have next year since my family isn’t the rich!!!” She nodded and gave me some 귤. What a lovely and cool mother. She doesn’t care what I say but she just loves me. Thanks mum👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 But still stressed out of this one. I don’t need your money but time to go out I guess. #im #translating #theological #theories #but #god #doesnt #help #me #where #are #you #😣
“If you have to pick between two people, would you choose the one you love or the one who loves you?”
“Is true love worth fighting for or does it let go?”
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The thread of breaking up resting on the hesitant thread of love’s early storm...
i feel like they try their best to notice everyone, and who knows, they may be lurking on your account but you’ll never know🙄

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