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Are we still friends?
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I just really love this moive
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"나는 살아있는 인간이 제일 무섭다.
살아있는 인간에 비하면 장소는 아무리 소름끼쳐도
장소에 지나지 않고
무서워도 유령은 죽은인간에 불과하다.
제일 무서운 발상을 하는 것은 늘 살아있는 인간이다"
You fumble through your pockets, trying to find change for your bus fare. You usually had it out already, but you were running late and had to sprint to the bus stop.

You eventually find the money, put it into the tray and collect your ticket.

When you turn to walk down the aisle you see two boys around your age take a selfie and laugh.
You seem to recognise one of them, but you shake it off as there was no way you could know who he was. You don't go out enough for that.

As you get closer the one you recognise sees you and gasps slightly. "Oh! Sorry, we were in your way." He smiles at you sympathetically, his bright blue eyes glimmering in contrast to his dark hair. "Don't worry about it." You smile back, still slightly put off by how familiar he looks. You quickly snap a picture of him to your friend.

Suddenly, you get bombarded with texts from them. 'OMG NO WAY ARE YOU ON A BUS WITH ASA BUTTERFIELD ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME THIS IS SO UNFAIR'. You reply with a 'Who?'. You recognise the name, but you still haven't a clue who he is.

Your friend lists the movies and tv shows he's been in, and it finally twigs.
He was in 'Merlin'! Of course, how could you forget?

You toy with the idea of going up to him, but settle on staying put. He doesn't want some randomer bothering him.

You sit quietly for the next few minutes of your journey, until a body appears beside you. It's the other boy, and he speaks to you in a thick scottish accent. "Hi." He begins. "My friend over there is feeling kinda embarrassed about getting in your way earlier and, to be honest, so am I. So I just wanted to say sorry." He rambles awkwardly. "Also, hi, I'm Finlay." He holds a tanned hand out and smiles a large grin, his curly brown hair falling into his deep chocolate eyes.

You take his hand and match his smile. "I'm [y/n]. Nice to meet you, Finlay." You add on. "Please, call me Fin." He notes to you. "That's Asa, by the way." He points back to the boy with the blue eyes, who awkwardly raises his hand and gives you a small wave.
You wave back, pushing a strand of hair that had fallen into your face, behind your ear.

What a bus ride this was turning out to be.
pt. 2 ?