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My son asked me ... "who are we going for?" .... I said the one who looks like cousin Mike" #TeamCanelo #CaneloVsGGG #TeamFuckMayweather
The sister's birthday weekend, AND the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight in THE SAME DAY. #yas #teamfuckmayweather #irishlivesmatter 👌🏽🎂🥊🥋
Idc if he was the smarter and more strategic fighter I wanted to see him fight not just try to win on score card but that's all he had in mind he had no intention of giving people the show they wanted #TeamFuckMayweather #MayweatherHater ... I could care less what a mayweather dick rider got to say bout the fight anyway so don't start 😂
Man..This Sissy Is Is Making Over 150 Million dollars on this Fight and Still scared of losing..Man Just take ass whoppen Floyd...dont worry u will Get a Rematch. ..hahah..Making all the Rules, Making all The Money, Blocks Pacmans Sparring Partners..Smh..Scared of Losing. .#TeamPacMan #THEMANNYTEAM #TeamFuckMayweather#PussyAss"Champ"
Dont matter how Rich u are, If U cant Read U will end buying clothes from the Womens Section lmao..PacMan gonna Make Mayweather His Bitch Today So he Can Continue wearing Womens clothes..lmao..#TeamPacMan #PacManEatingMoney #47-1 #TeamFuckMayweather #
Since he runs from real men punches, and he loves to beat on girls. Here is another female besides myself that can bring him down.. Now we all know he is a women beater, so he might actually put on a fight and stop putting on marathons. #TeamFuckMayweather #RondaRousey #TeamAnyoneButMayweather I hate that cry baby illiterate bitch. .. Wish I could jump in the ring with him maybe we will all see the little bitch that he is.. Yes I am.upset at what the boxing game has become. .. @GarciaBoxingAcademy please train me so I can show him how much I hate him...
Yes since Maybitch likes to hug and while he is at that Barney should teach Mayweather how to read and write. .. illiterate piece of shit. I hate that piece of shit.... #TeamFuckMayweather #FuckMayweather #FuckTMT #TheMoneyThieves. #TheMarathonTeam