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Sometimes I think about how nice it would be to have regular working hours. But then I wouldn't get to spend some weekday mornings doing fun things like going out to breakfast with this little one. #teamblackbeans #phillybaby
And chia seeds for omega 3s. Also when you crave sour candy you're craving vitamin c, eat sour fruit instead like mango, pineapple or watermelon with lemon/chile 🍋🌶🍉🍍etc. Cravings are your body telling you what it needs 🙏🏽🥑🌽🍠 #TeamBlackBeans&Greens #AncestralNutrition
[sound on]
"What are you up to tomorrow?"
"No plans"
"Would you be down to meet us in New Mexico?"
"I'm down"

A few phone calls, a little uncertainty, too many clothes packed, one hour and 56 minutes of "sleep," a breakfast consisting of string cheese, Skittles, and cheez-its, 313 miles, 104 pounds of delirium where you can't feel your body, and two blueberry Red Bulls later, I end up meeting two of the coolest humans.
Two souls on the same mission of adventure and epic vagabondness.
All it takes is to say, "I'm down." And let me tell you what you get with that 2 word package: an epic fking road trip. The randomness that it consists of is; a wealth of knowledge of the layout at Walmart, [but the people are friendly so you at least get 50 "Hello's" and "Good afternoon's" from strangers], 53 U-turns [at minimum], an accidental state visit [Texas] because someone said they had navo covered but then passed out [😏😽] so you went the completely wrong direction but it's fine because we didn't end up getting arrested by accidentally crossing over to Mexico, not to be confused with New Mexico, or as Cahill kept referring to it as Nevada 😂. You also get personally escorted by the rangers out of a national monument because you were the last 3 that shut it down. Followed by free Starburst freezes at Taco Bell cuz the girl is the sweetest. Then quite possibly the most sketch camp spot in which I'm pretty sure is the reason why I currently have no voice. TG for whiskey. Thanks pyro4aminute for trying to kill me. Then there's sonic booms, and sand in places it doesn't belong. And then can't forget the two raddest girls from Canada who are doing their own epic road trip in the coolest yellow van and their cute pups Charlie and Tomboy.

You never know what is going to happen in an adventure. But that's exactly what makes it just that. You can't presume what's to be included in the fine print of spontaneity. However, what I can tell you what is automatically included in this package.. Are the new memories and the amount of laughter and inside jokes. The magic of making friendships that will reside with you for the rest of your life. [continued below]
When you don't have time to meal prep but @qdoba has your back. Wheat tortilla burrito with steak, white rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, habanero salsa, and love is meal 1. Tray 1 is #whiterice with steak and habanero salsa, tray 2 is lettuce with chicken and habanero salsa, tray 3 is lettuce with steak and black beans. Busy morning but no excuses here. #paleo #paleonutrition #teamwhiterice #teamblackbeans #healthy #hybridgear #discipline #eatcleantraindirty #instagram
We missed you guys tonight @mrsamberking! Look at the salad: tomato, asparagus and beans with homemade vinaigrette. #teamblackbeans for life.