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This caught me by surprise....Having entered the company at a time when there were no vacancies and was just filling in for staff holidays. Ten years later I am still here and have move through the ranks from Funeral/Office Assistant to Funeral Director/Coordinator. Thanks to Mummy Jones, Ken Jones @drummy123 and Kathy Jones for keeping me on, having seen my potential. For this I am forever grateful. Thanks again!!!!!
Waiting for fall weather like... 🤷🏼‍♂️ (although let's get real I am perfectly fine in my swim trunks and Hawaiian shirts at the moment 🙋🏼‍♂️)
Um yaaaaaaaa! This guy is piece of shitt #joelosteen meanwhile furniture stores are opening up to let people sleep??? #tupac #always has #spoken the #TRUTHHHHH
This all I'm sayin tho.... #USorELSE #PrayForHouston🙏🏽 But Stay AWAKE too!!!
I think sometimes it's easier to go up a lot of stairs if you don't know where the top is. I think sometimes in life it could be easier if we stop thinking how far we gotta go, and just worry about completing the next step first. #truthhhhh #shamwow