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#11YearsOfMyLife| I didn’t get to post about this because I had major drama on Sunday but Sunday marked 11 years that I went to my very first rave. These are just a few pictures from the events I have attended! The very first rave I went to was a tiny little warehouse in south San Francisco. I have told this story a million times on IG so I don’t have to but my first thought of seeing a whole new world was like wow 😱 11 years later and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything. I started as a House Music head and now a complete Trance Music head. I am thankful for what this type of music has brought me. It brought me my other half, it brought me a 2nd family who all of them I love dearly, but most importantly it brought me a career. My blog is my baby. It’s represents who I am. It’s something so special that I can’t wait to take it to new heights. I can never thank @pnaranjo626 for opening my mind up to trance and truly making it a passion. I have met so many people along this journey. Thank you to the @coldharbourrecordings family for always taking care of us like family. You guys mean so much to us. To @dandywankers @saralovellyy @wil96exr @justin.credible4u @nvgirl1 @bre_doll24 and everyone I have met YOU TRULY are incredible people that I hold so close to my heart. This journey isn’t over far from that but I know it’s going to be a beautiful road ahead. Catch me at #CHNLA and #Dreamstate coming up! 😘🎶🎵 #Raver #TranceFamily #Thisisalliknow #itsanaddiction 👯💃🏽

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