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User Image monzr_kafka Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:35 AM (UTC)

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Repost @jayshalkeffiyeh .

Once AGAIN, #afrin has fallen, this time to the Turks and its proxy terrorists who you can see in the picture standing on the broken stature of none other then Ibrahim Hananu, Ibrahim Hananu is one of the most dearest and beloved national heroes of #syria , he fought fiercely and fearlessly against French occupation, he fought for a UNITED Syria....Hananu was a Syrian Kurd...keep that last fact in mind whilst reading the following...The #syrian government gave an opportunity 5 times to the kurdish YPG to save Afrin DISTRICT and preserving safety and security by handing it over to the control of the Syrian Government and in return they were offered the generous amnesty deal...each time the Kurdish YPG refused...stating "we can defend Afrin ourselves" even when it got to the point that it was clear they could not...they repeated that claim along with another refusal to the SAR government. The Turks eventually got to the doorstep of Afrin and the Kurdish YPG who said "We will fight for Afrin to the last drop of blood" ...just left the city without a fight! Leaving behind the civilians to the merciless Turks and its FSA proxies. The Kurdish YPG preffered to risk sacrificing the safety and security of Afrin and its citizens out of arrogance and blind fantasies of an illegal state rather then preserve it all by handing the SYRIAN land to the SYRIAN government. Through arrogance and ignorance they chose to fight and lose SYRIAN land to NON Syrians rather then secure the safety of its people by ensuring that the land stayed in control of fellow SYRIANS! Hananu...the Syrian Kurd Hero who FOUGHT for a UNITED SYRIA (the man the statue depicts) would be spinning in his grave right now as to what his fellow Kurds are doing! See that's the difference between the good Kurds in Syria like Ibrahim Hananu then the ones today who fight within/support the YPG/SDF.... Those like Hananu identified as a SYRIAN Kurd...whereas the YPG SDF and its followers identify as simply KURDS or KURDISH Syrians. The events in Afrin show just how little the YPG SDF really care for Syrians, how arrogant and foolish they are and how THEY brought the disaster in Afrin.
User Image vipdvideos Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:34 AM (UTC)

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رابط مشاهدة الفيديو
User Image salt_and_pepper18 Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:28 AM (UTC)

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User Image redneckmcmillan Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:20 AM (UTC)

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Who needs friends when you have a hamster?🐹❤️ Salt 🧡 #salt #hamster #syrianhamster #syrian #hamsters
User Image queen_of.my_self Posted: Mar 19, 2018 1:01 AM (UTC)

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نركض و نتسابق لكن في داخلنا لا يتغير الأحساس ...
يلمسنا الحب في كل مرة بنفس المشاعر و يروي لنا نفس الأحلام ...
يعيدنا مثل الأطفال نفرح بالأهتمام و نحزن ما أن مرت بنا حروب الغيرة و قلة الكلام ...
لكن في النهاية هو من ينتصر علينا عندما يجردنا من كل تلك الأوهام .


#كاتبة #كاتب #كتاباتي
#بغداد_العراق🇮🇶 #شاعر
#كتاب #شعر #قصيدة
#سوريا #العراق #فلسطين
#لبنان #مصر #الامارات
#المغرب #الأردن #الكويت
#السعوديه #اليمن #العراق
#writer #poetry
#poem #queen8
#writing #baghdad
#iraq #writers
#syrian #art #drawing
User Image rodyzack Posted: Mar 19, 2018 12:41 AM (UTC)
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وبختتم البثّّ اليوم مع فقرة #دندنة ورائعة الحلّاج.. #إذا_هجرت بلحن وأداء السّلطانه #جاهدة_وهبة 💕💕💕
#رواد_زكور #وجهة_نظر #مزاج #سوريا #لبنان #مصر #دبي #اسطنبول
#music #melody #acapella #jazz #arabicsongs #lebanese #syrian #egypt #istanbul #like4like #followme
User Image historyofhumanity Posted: Mar 19, 2018 12:39 AM (UTC)

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This week in 2017, the US committed a major war crime by bombing a mosque packed full of civilians in al-Jinah, Syria. Then moments later, US drones bombed the site again, hitting civilians fleeing the mosque. The strikes killed 48 people and injured 100, all civilians. The attack involved two US Reaper drones, which fired over 4 Hellfire missiles & dropped at least one 500-pound guided bomb. The strikes killed one woman, 5 children and buried dozens of people in the rubble. At least 200 people were gathered in the mosque and a nearby building when the powerful blasts shook the ground and sent civilians fleeing, many of them dazed and bleeding. A witness said, “Everything happened so quickly, in under one minute. We didn’t hear a plane but, suddenly, we heard something fall. There was a faint sound of something falling, and then an explosion. It seemed like the whole mosque fell on our heads.” Another witness said, "As we moved closer we started hearing people screaming, pleading for help. So we ran into the mosque compound. There was widespread destruction. The building was completely ripped to pieces... The explosion was so intense that people were thrown everywhere, wedged between the dirt and the stones. You could barely see them. We could hear screams from under the rubble."
User Image lukisan_dakwah Posted: Mar 19, 2018 12:18 AM (UTC)

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Words just can't describe their pain. Their sufferings. Every single day. 24 per 7.. The world is watching for almost 7 years, the Regime and their allies deliberately using chemical weapons, starvation under submission, reducing the families houses from rubble to dust, test all types of weapons over the head of our people. Genocide in besieged Eastern Ghouta continues as you lay your head on a pillow. We all will be asked. The Almighty is watching, nothing to say....
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#Syria #Syrian #EasternGhouta #syrianchildren #ayeshazr #stopbombing #saveGhouta #malaysiapalestine
#lukisan_dakwah .
User Image helena.cav Posted: Mar 19, 2018 12:10 AM (UTC)

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Repost By hanifah_andini: Reports emerged (14 March  2018 ) showing how the #Syrian army found a rebel/terrorist Laboratory in East #Ghouta supposedly to make Chemical Substances, what did the Syrian officer show and have to say ? "Here we have a laboratory it has studies, files and documents on Chemicals that are all from Saudi Arabia" .... So .... Saudi Government support terrorist, suprised ? Not really 😒 #syriawar #proxywar

14 Maret 2018 - Tentara #Suriah menemukan sebuah laboratorium pemberontak/teroris di East Ghouta,  laboratorium untk membuat Zat Kimia. Yg bisa digunakan untk membuat bhn peledak/senjata kimia. Semua bahan berasal dari Arab Saudi. Sdh menjadi rahasia umum jika Pemerintah Saudi mendukung n mendanai salah satu group teroris yg beroperasi di Syria n bukti lainny byk org Saudi yg bertempur bersama para teroris. Dibuktikan dr anggota teroris yg terbunuh atau tertangkap dr kartu identitas yg ad pd mrk. .

#people #muslim
#world #Indonesia

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