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User Image bodygod_ Posted: Dec 16, 2017 3:42 AM (UTC)

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Had a very sad conversation today with a girl. She exclaimed to me “I don’t go to that church because I heard their preacher preaches a lot about giving money because they want to expand their church building and do other things, I hate churches that all they talk about is money.” She than went on to tell me Elevation was her favorite church. I know for a fact... Pastor Furtick talks about giving regularly. His church is big and fancy too.
When as a society did we start believing that what we have it all belongs to us and we earned so we keep it all?? God gave you that job. God gave you the talent to be good at your job and keep it. God provided your income. GOD PROVIDED YOU JESUS. But yet we don’t like churches who ask us to tithe?? And on top of that give more? Church is not for the believers. More space in a church is so we have more space to bring in non believers. If you truly think it’s wrong for a church to expand, to grow, to reach others you have quite a bit of self reflection to do. If you aren’t giving you aren’t growing. See 2 Corinthians 9:6
God is asking back 10% of what is already his. Yet we complain. We feel uneasy when the church asks for money. The church isn’t just for believers it actually is more for non believers. It’s time to HUMBLE yourself or God will. Because you can’t do it on your own and you have a tough future ahead if you think you earned your money and it’s all yours. You wanna know how to start reaching out to others. Tithe. Crazy how God blesses your finances when you trust him.
User Image arunaja93 Posted: Dec 16, 2017 3:32 AM (UTC)

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BANGALORE... I'm so excited to see you again.. I'm back with my boys @mayankshawarma @roopthomas and @vigguin to the city we love the most to play. This time it's Soul Sante, and it's is my 3rd one this year. So excited to be a part of it. Come to ITBP cricket ground, Whitefield at 5pm. It's gonna be so much.. Can't wait :) #Bangalore #livemusic #thestage #rockmusic #gigs #gigsinmumbai #singers #singersofinstagram #musicianlife #instagood #sharkattack #giglife #sharkandink #popculture #rock #band #live #music #sunday #gospel #rnb #livemusic #thestage2 #posing #pose #indie #gigalert #gigupdates #gigsinbanglore #soulsante
User Image oragallery Posted: Dec 16, 2017 3:39 AM (UTC)

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#ORAGallery opens its doors ✨✨this #17thDecember, #Sunday, with some exciting brands and designs for you to shop🌟🛍🛒. So don’t wait and come visit us to witness #Thane’s 1st ever #exhibition gallery.
Akhir pekan gini mending beres-beres rumah yuk Suzuki Family. Rumah yang bersih menjaga kamu terhindar dari penyakit. Kamu enggak mau kan masuk rumah sakit karena hanya malas bersih-bersih #weekend #sunday #suzuki #suzukitips

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