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Middle School student council members attended the COSSOT Middle School Leadership Conference today at the Sterling Hall School! These are Gr. 7 & 8s who’ve recently been elected as Form Representatives. @thesterlinghallschool #cossot #leadership #middleschool #grade7 #grade8 #students #studentcouncil
We had some good discussions this weekend and tackled some very difficult topics. My role on Student Council and as a representative of the entire student body is one that comes with a greater responsibility than I imagined, and I look forward to meeting this challenge head on. I want to make an impact. Together, I think we can.
@mynbcc #transformnb #nbcc #studentcouncil #retreat #studentvoice
Congratulations to my Em on being elected into Student Council again this year! 💕👩🏼‍🎓💯 #bgs #studentcouncil #proudmom #beautyandbrains #thatsmygirl
Last I year I said goodbye to Mountain View School, my teaching home, for the last 5 years. The hardest part of that decision was knowing I would I be leaving my Student Council kiddos. Today my old district had a fundraiser walk for their after school program.. So I went and hung out with my StuCo bunch! So worth waking up at 6 am on a Saturday :)
Full Name: 黄泉月 るな Yomozuki Runa
Character Info: A student council member who likes video games and is always seen wearing a hoodie with rabbit ears. Spends her time taunting various students. As a gambler, her skill has not been revealed, but in the 'Re-election Arc' of the Manga, she proved herself to be a completely impartial mediator.
School: Hyakkaou Private Academy
Rank: Member of the Student Council
Design: Runa is a very short teen which makes that she looks like little girl. She has very light skin, violet eyes and long blonde hair with short bangs, splited in the middle of her forehead. She wears orange hoodie with black rabbit ears over the Hyakkaou Private Academy issued uniform; a red blazer with black trim lining the cuffs and collar, a white button up dress shirt, a dark pleated skirt, a tie and white black striped stockings. As well as the academy's issued footwear, brown colored loafers with black soles. She has light pink painted fingernails.
Personality: Runa is a sadistic and two-faced person, who seems to be very cute and nice but in reality she enjoys seeing others failures and jeering at it. For example, she made fun of Mary Saotome when she confronted her for life schedule, telling her that she needs to boost her skills in pleasing guys. She also doesn't show any worry when Midari Ikishima picked out her own eye, only remarked this as a "not bad". .
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Great Day for TCHS Beach Clean Up, thanks to City of Fort Pierce and One Love Properties at Keller Williams Treasure Coast. #tchs #studentcouncil #oneloveproperties #kellerwilliamstreasurecoast #keepourbeachesclean #keepourbeachesbeautiful #fortpierce #Stluciecounty
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The Lower Phase students have formed their own student council. The first meeting, held last week, allowed representatives from each class to bring forward ideas they had collected from their peers throughout the week.

Omar Khalil, Year 2, said "I feel very responsible and I like it when my friends bring me ideas I can take to the meeting". #studentcouncil #bskstudentcouncil #bskstudents #schoolsinkuwait #lowerphase #year2 #bsk #bskkuwait #bskq8 #kuwait #q8

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