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OMACCHAYA is back to Japan, sharing our love for the best craft Japanese matcha & teas @ a sea side event🍵☀️🏝#omacchaya #straylight #tea #matcha #teabar #teacocktail
Very excited about CYM's first studio recording session @loftstudios with #Straylight, #Little Buffalo men to follow tonight .. We are putting together our first compilation of original music featuring our talented young north east musicians. More details to follow
[Straylight Vision Workshop]
Artist: Mariya Suzuki
Straylight のビジョンウォール・プロジェクトでは、組織全員で協力して作った意味のあるオリジナル作品をオフィスに取り入れました。TokyoDex一同、このサービスを日本中の企業に広げ、クリエイティビティと変化を恐れない社会を追求していきたいと思います。
And that’s a wrap!
The Straylight Vision Wall Project was about adding meaningful original artwork to the office interior through a process which engages members directly. We hope to incorporate this as a new service which we can bring to different companies all around Japan to enhance creativity and change in the workplace. Stay tuned for more!
[Straylight Vision Workshop]
Artist: Mariya Suzuki
Finally, it’s time to paint!
At Straylight, accepting each other’s differences and serving your individual role is so important. During the workshop, Straylight Members talked about how those elements were similar to the elements needed for a good camping trip. That is how the concept of “camping” became a big part of the finished piece.
[Straylight Vision Workshop]
Artist: @mariyasuzuki
Straylight のビジョンウォール・プロジェクトでは、個人的なビジョンや組織全体の目標を話し合い、それらを各々ラフスケッチに落とし込みました。絵を描くことに対する恥ずかしさや、後ろめたさを忘れ、クリエイティブに自分を表現することが目標です。
Daniel and Mariya weren’t the only artists onsight!
The Straylight Vision Wall Project encourages Straylight members to find their artist within and to stretch their comfort zone.
The artwork done by straylight members served as design elements for the final piece.
[Straylight Vision Workshop]
Artist: Mariya Suzuki
イラストレーターのMariya Suzukiさんは、ワークショップ中のStraylightメンバーたちをスケッチし、#DexMural の中に登場させました!
Illustrator, Mariya Suzuki drew Straylight members focused on the workshop and incorporated those drawings into the actual DexMural.
See if you can spot some familiar faces in the finished piece!

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